Thursday, November 2, 2023

Time For Class

 Did you realize that every conversation you have is a learning opportunity? All that is needed is the ability to listen. 

For instance when a child is telling a story you can learn the things they are interested in, what things make them afraid, or make them happy. Often they will talk about their dreams for the future. These things might change by tomorrow but many times there is a common thread in there. 

In an adult conversation differing opinions can be discussed. As long as it is done respectfully you might come away with a different point of view. There is not one person in this world with whom I totally agree about everything. I do try to respect their thoughts. If nothing else I learn a bit more about the person.

Did you know that each walk in your neighborhood offers something new? All that is needed is to actively pay attention to your surroundings. 

How many houses are on your block? What colors are the flowers? Who owns a dog? Is it friendly or more protective of its yard. Are there any fruit trees? Can you smell honeysuckle?

Do you notice if one house needs a bit of work? Who lives there? If it is an older person perhaps they can use a bit of help with yardwork in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter. Do not just offer. Do it.

My feeling is that you can learn if you are open to it. Everything that happens is a learning experience. 

Try exchanging recipes and trying something new to eat. 

Read a book someone recommends.

Listen to a new song someone else likes.

See a movie they say is good.

Go to a different church. You need not change your religion of course but you may understand another better.

The more we know about someone or something the better we can understand. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to peace.


  1. I like reading books someone recommends!

  2. Such a powerful and beautiful message dear Emma ❤
    I agree with each word you said here.
    Likewise I learn while reading this post that you have child like curious heart my friend.
    I share your interest in everything we encounter throughout our day.
    Whoever we meet or wherever we go life offer us insight .it depends on us whether our senses are ready to absorb it or not :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I know I could learn much from you.

  3. Respect! It's not just a song!

  4. These are all very good suggestions, Emma, and if only we paid attention more with our eyes and said less with our mouths we would learn a lot more!

  5. These are all good points, although I find them hard to do. In high school, my English teacher was saying similar things to her class. To prove her point regarding our assumed nonobservance, she asked if any of us knew how many steps led to the front door of the First Baptist Church. I thought it an odd way to make her point, it being unlikely that most of my classmates had ever been to that church. It's funny the things that stick in one's mind for sixty years as in that example.

    1. It is strange that we remember some weird things. But they tend to make interesting stories.

    2. I also have the sense that there were things that I was sure I would remember but didn't.