Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Safe Home

Safe home. The Irish say that to wish you a safe arrival when you leave to go home. I like the saying.

Recently several famous people died. Regis Philbin, Olivia de Havilland, John Saxon, and John Lewis. There have been more than 150,000 deaths in the United States from COVID-19. Car accidents, health emergencies, poor health, and age account for more deaths. I wish them all safe home.

I know I left out a lot of people. I cannot list them all. I do not mean to diminish the importance of anyone's life. There just is not room here.

Rick Watson wrote a blog I have read for a long time. He was humorous, caring, industrious, giving... a lot of the adjectives used to describe a truly good person.

Rick died not long ago. I felt the need to remember him and his family but could not bring myself to do so until now.

Rick and Jilda were married for decades. It was obvious to all how much he adored her. I know that is a comfort to her.

Rick and Jilda had full lives. Besides tending to a small farm, they both had jobs. They were close to extended family especially those who lived nearby. Often people would 'dump' their dogs and Rick and Jilda would see to it those dogs got good homes. More often than not, the home was with Rick and Jilda.

Rick and Jilda lovingly tended the graves of their loved ones who preceded them.  And every year on the appropriate holidays, Rick would collect money from other cemetery visitors to help pay for the expenses of upkeep throughout the year.

Raising a garden, berry bushes, hosting dinners and holidays for family, writing and performing their music at various festivals, Rick was always busy.

I never met Rick in person. I only knew him from his blog. I do know I will miss him. I send my best wishes to his family and friends.

Rick, Safe Home.