Wednesday, October 12, 2022

I Can Drive

 I am a legal driver again!

I went to renew my license on my birthday in August. I passed the eye test and everything they threw at me. Then the woman leaned over the counter and said, "I see you are using a walker. May I ask why?"

There was no reason to lie so I explained that I had a stroke in December. She asked me and my son to step into her office.

The woman explained that she could not issue me a driver's license unless my doctor filled out a form approving my driving abilities. He did. However he wanted the neurologist to give another opinion.

So I went to see the neurologist. She said she could see no reason that I was a danger to drive. However she would need me to take a simulated driving test and pass it before she would fill out the form.

The only place in this whole area that gives the test is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The first appointment available was in three weeks. I took it.

I know that at my age if I allowed my license to expire it would be difficult to get a new one later. I was willing to work to renew the one I have.

Sioux Falls is more than an hour away. It was a misty day. When I got there the examiner explained that she had to test my cognitive abilities before my driving test.

She tested my memory. She tested my knowledge of road signs. She tested my knowledge of what to do in certain traffic and road conditions. She tested my eyes. She tested my reflexes and reaction time. It all took about an hour. I passed.

For the road test we actually got into a vehicle and went driving. We drove all over Sioux Falls including onto the Interstate Highway. It took about an hour. I passed.

The place I go for the driver's license is only open two days a week. I live in a very rural area. I went today. Lo and behold. I am now a licensed driver again!