Thursday, November 16, 2023


My coworker's son was arrested. The crime he was accused of was a heinous crime. 

It was embarrassing for my coworker because he worked the same place we did and the police arrested him in the shop. Eventually he went to trial and was found guilty.

This lovely woman had always been kind and friendly to everyone. Suddenly she walked hunched over and looked completely dejected. She stayed to herself. 

One day I caught up to her as we were all going into the break room. I asked how she was doing.

She told me she was totally embarrassed and knew no one wanted to talk to her. I tried to convince her that was not the case. She again told me how ashamed she felt. She wondered if she should act like her son does not exist.

Because I had a son who was in prison I knew a bit of the way she felt. The first thing I explained was that she did not have to like what her son did. She had nothing to do with it. 

The second thing I told her was that he is her son. She loved him. A person does not have to stop loving someone simply because you do not like something they did. The two things do not necessarily go together.

And I will not dislike someone simply because someone they care about has done something I do not like. 


  1. Dear Emma, that was a sensible and heartfelt advice you gave your co-worker!

    1. I thought it made sense. She did nothing wrong. All she did was love her child.

  2. you have gift of wisdom indeed dear Emma !
    i am proud of you because what you think is just and right

  3. Your blog has become my go-to resource for insightful and thought-provoking content.