Tuesday, November 29, 2022

What? Again?

 We are having heavy snow today. It is pretty as I look out the window. I would certainly not wish to be out in it. 

The snowplow has cleaned our street once. It will have to do it again later.

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. It was the first big meal I cooked in a year. ( Sorry about the font change. I do not know what I did.) Anyway I was extremely tired even though I cooked several things a couple of days before. My son got stuck with the dishes. Heh, heh, heh.

I will also gloat a bit about Christmas. All my gifts have been delivered.  Except for my sister in the nursing home. I am stumped about what to get her. I will figure it out.

My sister is just recovering from pneumonia. Thankfully she si feeling much better.

My daughter is finally through with chemo and radiation. She has had such a rough time. She had some reconstructive surgery a couple of weeks ago. For the first time in more than a year she sounds like herself.

I am trying to write more often so hopefully I'll be back soon. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


 I woke up this morning to an outside that is white. Our first snow was strong enough to stick.

There is not quite enough snow to make a pretty winter scene. It is still pretty.

It is still really cold. There is a permanent cold wave covering us right now.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I ordered a turkey breast because neither of s eats the dark meat. Instead they gave me a bag of turkey slices with gravy/ It will not go to waste. I love turkey. I believe I will make some Brussel Sprouts to go with it. Sound good?

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


 My second son is now back home.

He surprised us by coming in the front door as we were letting the dog in. We had no idea he was coming.

Actually he surprised himself. He woke up one morning and realized he had no plans so he packed a bag and left to visit us. 

He was not here anywhere near long enough. I was so happy to see him. 

He is the son that was in the horrific car accident a few years ago.   He is healing nicely. He recently got his driver's license re-instated. It lapsed as he was recovering. He drove about 800 miles to visit.

It was a wonderful visit. I immediately called my sister-in-law. We first went out to lunch together. Then she had us over to her house to feed us the next day. Another wonderful visit.

My son is back at his house now. He had to return to take care of insurance issues involving his accident.

While he was here he terrorized the dog. She warmed up to him finally and cried when he left. She is still looking for him.

Now my son is trying to get his sister and her family to come here with him for Thanksgiving. We do not know if she will be able to travel. She will have 6 weeks off work to recover from reconstructive surgery she will have in a couple of weeks. She has had such a hard time of it since they diagnosed her with breast cancer a couple of years ago. I have my fingers crossed that they will come.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Origin Of The Jack-O-Lantern

 This is a re-post of one of my favorite Halloween tales. Enjoy.

The Origin Of The Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween has just passed. I have the story of the origin of the Jack-o-lantern. Please enjoy it.

Stingy Jack was well known around his part of Ireland. He liked his drink and was thought to take liberties with other people's property. He cheated, deceived, and misused anyone he could. Stingy Jack did not particularly care what others thought of him. All that mattered to Stingy Jack was Stingy Jack and his comforts.

Now the devil had been keeping tabs on him. Stingy Jack was a prime candidate for the devil's domain.

One night after a night of heavy drinking, Stingy Jack was stumbling home. He came upon a body lying in the road so he stopped to see if there was anything of value in the pockets.

Suddenly the body moved and jumped up. Stingy Jack realized that it was the devil and Jack's earthly time was to end. But he was not ready to go.

Stingy Jack asked for a last wish. The devil saw no harm in granting a final drink to Stingy Jack. Off they went to the pub. Stingy Jack was a frequent patron and knew the bartender well. As the duo walked through the door the bartender smiled. When Stingy Jack got the best of somebody, the bartender got a nice part of the take.

Stingy Jack proceeded to have a sample or more of every type of drink in the pub. When he finished he told the devil to turn himself into a silver coin to pay the tab. He promised that he would get the coin back so the devil could change back into himself.

The devil turned himself into a coin of silver. Stingy Jack grinned at the bartender who grinned right back. Stingy Jack dropped the coin into his pocket which just happened to also contain a crucifix. The crucifix took away all of the powers the devil had. He begged and begged to be set free.

Stingy Jack, being the kind-hearted soul he was, said he would set the devil free IF the devil would promise not to take his soul for 10 years. Of course the devil agreed.

Ten years passed with Stingy Jack continuing in his evil ways. The devil appeared as he said he would. Stingy Jack knew his time was up. The devil had Stingy Jack by the arm ready to take him to Hell. Stingy Jack asked if the devil would climb the apple tree they were standing next to and pick an apple for him to eat on the way. The devil heaved a heavy sigh and climbed the tree.

While the devil was picking a nice apple Stingy Jack hurriedly surrounded the tree trunk with crucifixes. The devil was stuck in the tree.

Once again the devil found himself pleading for his freedom. Finally Stingy Jack made the devil promise to never take his soul. The devil begrudgingly promised. Stingy Jack took the crosses and happily went home knowing that he had outsmarted the devil.

Stingy Jack continued his evil ways but eventually he died as everyone does. He sat and waited patiently for his turn to enter Heaven. When he approached the gates he was turned away. He was told that he was far too evil to be in Heaven.

With resignation Stingy Jack went to Hell. He knocked on the gates and the devil met him there. The devil reminded Stingy Jack of their agreement and told him that since he could not have the soul there was no place for him in Hell. He was doomed to wander in nothingness for eternity.

It was Stingy Jack's turn to plead. Eventually the devil agreed to give him an ember to light his way through the darkness. Jack placed it in a hollowed turnip or rutabaga to keep from burning his fingers.

Stingy Jack came to be called Jack Of The Lantern or Jack-O'-Lantern. At certain times of the year, such as Halloween, when the world of the dead is close to the living Jack-O'-Lantern is seen wandering.

In Ireland during Halloween the living tried to make sure the dead cannot cross back. They began leaving meals on their doorsteps to keep mischief away. If they had to be out in the night they would wear masks and costumes to fool the spirits so that they would not be molested.

Carved pumpkins called Jack-O'-Lanterns are placed on the doorstep to remind spirits of Jack-O'-Lantern and his plight. They do not want to be caught in between the worlds of the afterlife so they avoid any house that is protected by the Jack-O'-Lantern.