Saturday, November 11, 2023


There are three songs that always make me cry. They make me hurt inside.

Willie McBride by the Irish Rovers. This song is based on the true story of a young man who died in World War I. Another young man had been walking through the huge graveyards all day and sat down to rest for a moment beside the grave of Willie McBride. The young man wonders about Willie's life and death. Willie McBride was a real person who was killed in the war. The whole song is heart-wrenching and tells of the circle of war but the ending always does me in.

The American Trilogy by Elvis Presley. It is both patriotic and full of pathos. When the part comes where another mother gives birth to a child she cannot afford I am in tears.

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Liam Clancy. It tells of a young soldier returning from war. As his broken body comes down the gangplank of the ship the Australian Military Band plays Waltzing Matilda which is Australia's anthem. It will break your heart.


  1. thecontemplativecat here. Willie McBride is a song most Americans do no know. Great song. Says so much.

  2. Sometimes I worry about the world we are leaving to our innocent children.

  3. Liam Clancy does Willie McBride, too. Poignant songs.

    1. Liam Clancy has a poignant Willie McBride version. A good song is good for many different singers.

  4. i know many songs who make me cry instantly and i still love them