Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Dance Songs

I cannot dance anymore. Since I had a stroke my legs do not want to cooperate and I would end up on the floor. But I can "chair "dance. I may look silly but I do not care

So what dances do you enjoy? They might be dances you can dance or maybe you just enjoy waching others do them.

The first that comes to mind is the easiest to do. It is the twist. It was easy to do so anyone who wanted to dance could twist. About that time came the fly and the pony. Again easy to do and just a bit of versatility.

In the 40's and 50's we had the slop, the hucklebuck, the jitterbug, the shimmy and the jive. These were the popular dances at sock hops. Sock hops were held in the high school gymnasium. To make sure our shoes did not scratch the finish of the floor we had to take shoes off and dance in our socks.

We lived for a time in a Polish neighborhood. My daughter was in a Polish dance class. She learned the Polonaise and troika along with ither ethnic dances. 

In the roaring 20's The Charleston and black bottom were among the favorite dances. I do not know how to do the black bottom but the Charleston is fun.

There are country dances. Square dancing is fun. Line dances are country versions of the stroll. 

I love ballroom dancing. I watch Dancing With The Stars faithfully. With the proper partner I can do a lot of the dances... not well but I can.

.Do you like to dance? What dances do you do?


  1. Sadly, I am not a good dancer. I simply flail around to the music. However, I love the competitive dance shows on TV.

    1. I am not a good dancer but I do enjoy dancing. That should be the fun of it.