Saturday, April 9, 2022

Here We Go

 I am feeling better all the time. My fine motor skills (such as typing) are still not as I would like but improving. So now I will tell you all that is going on with me.

My salivary glands and taste buds were severely affected by the stroke. It left me unable to eat. I also became dehydrated and had to go back to the hospital to have an IV. It helped immensely.

I complained to every doctor, nurse, and therapist about not being able to eat. Each one nodded sympathetically but offered no solutions to my problem. In the meantime I had lost about 70 pounds in two months' time. 

My genius son offered a solution. I should try to find things I could swallow in small amounts and eat several times a day. Smoothies, apple sauce, and pudding allowed me some nourishment. I also consume large amounts of water to stay hydrated. I now can eat small amounts of foods that have a sauce or gravy to keep them moist in my mouth.

While I was still in the hospital a cat scan revealed a couple of masses in my breast and a rather large kidney stone. I had no noticeable symptoms so both were a surprise. 

To treat the kidney stone they inserted a stent in my kidney. That would allow them to treat the infection caused by the stone. They will remove it and somehow break up the stone so it will pass from my body.

The did biopsies on the masses in my breast. As expected one is cancerous. It is a slow-moving form of cancer. A lumpectomy is scheduled for next month. I should need no chemotherapy or radiation after. 

I am fortunate that both conditions were discovered when they were. 

My poor daughter was so distraught when she learned about the breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy a few weeks ago. Her cancer was an insidious form that spreads quickly. She went through several months of intense chemo and will have to undergo radiation treatments now. And she was more worried about me!

Now that I have listed all my complaints for you I will say I feel good and I am getting stronger all the time. My physical therapy is making me stronger all the time.