Thursday, November 23, 2023


I only had one child at the time. My baby boy was one year old. We lived in the big city in an unsavory part of town. Our apartment was on the third floor. It was a medium sized building with approximately 25 apartments.

Directly across the street from us was a small hotel. It was used by the friendly ladies for short times to entertain their gentlemen friends.

It was a hot summer and none of the apartments had air conditioning. We spent a lot of time gathering on the front steps trying to stay cooler. 

Of course we had to see the ladies. They stood on a corner to let men know they were available for a quick visit. They wore  lovely dresses. One I remember in particular was a beautiful yellow. The ladies looked much nicer than some I had seen on other corners,

Because we were doing nothing we watched the women. A game was to time how long a particular woman stood on the corner before accepting an offer of companionship. Then we timed how long the visit to the hotel lasted. 

In the meantime my adorable baby boy was playing outside which was good for him. I did not allow him to be too far from me. After all it was a seedy neighborhood. I did not worry too much. He was a leg child. He never got too far from me.

Then came the day that a couple of the girls had enough extra money to walk up to the fast food restaurant on the next corner. My shy little leg child saw their legs and started to follow them. I waited for him to realize what he was doing.

I was right behind him for his safety. It finally dawned on me that their legs were more appealing than mine. I decided that it was time for his nap.

That evening when I told his father what had happened. He was so proud.  ?????


  1. I think this could be a storyline for a movie or series. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving. It was funny. I think maybe it could be a storyline as you said.

  2. haha your son followed them for their legs looked better made me chuckle ,i found this story amusing dear Emma :)
    hugs and blessinsg