Monday, July 25, 2022

Have You Ever Noticed?

 Some things never fail. For instance...

A fly is buzzing around. It lands on you. It lands on the table in front of you. You wave it away and it comes right back. Then you grab the fly swatter and wait for it to land on a good place to swat it. THE FLY DISAPPEARS! It only returns when you put down the swatter.


You have been feeling ill for a couple of days. Your stomach is upset, your head hurts, and you have a slight fever. So you go to the doctor. You sit in the waiting room feeling miserable. You are finally called in to see the doctor. Suddenly you feel fine. No headache. No upset stomach. Your fever has disappeared. The doctor looks at you like you are a hypochondriac. Of course all the symptoms return when you get home.

You have been putting off washing the car. It is so dirty. Finally you force yourself to get out the hose. soap, and soft cloths. When you are finished the car looks so shiny and clean. You feel proud and go inside for a cold drink and to let the car completely dry. When you go out again you are on your way to the store with a shiny clean car. There you see that birds have attacked your car leaving droppings all over it.


You are extremely late for an appointment. You rush out of the house. As you hurry to try to be even close to on time you suddenly have to go to the bathroom... now.


You love the smell of clean sheets dried in the sun with a nice breeze. You hang them on the line and go in to put your feet up. After a short nap you awaken to find that it rained and your sheets are now soaking wet.


You pick up debris from your yard so you can mow the grass. You spend a large part of the morning pushing the lawn mower. Your lawn looks wonderful and so clean. In the afternoon a huge wind rises. When you look again at your manicured lawn it is once again covered with twigs and trash from who knows where.

Did you ever know it to fail?

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Don't Hang Up

 When I was about 7 years old my mother came to me and said I had a phone call. The telephone was a foreign object to me. I do not recall having one before then.

I said, "Hello", as I had seen others do. It was a friend from school.

She and some other children were having a carnival in her back yard. Would I like to come? Entrance was a penny.

I told her I would have to check with my mother. She told me she would wait. I quickly replaced the receiver in its cradle and ran excitedly to my mother.

My mother went to the phone to check on details and discovered that I had hung up the phone. I did not understand the workings of that thing yet. We were new in town. I knew my friend's first name but not her last. I did not know where she lived. There was no *69 to reconnect with her phone.

I was heartbroken. However my resourceful mother found a way to get me to the carnival. She drove me there and gave me a penny for my entrance fee.

When I officially entered I learned that each exhibit required another penny. I had no more pennies so I sort of wandered around. 

Again someone realized I was penniless and I was able to see the attractions for free. 

I remember little of the carnival itself. I only lived in that town for a short while so I do not even remember the names of the other children. I do remember their kindness and I thank them for it.

All things considered I had a good time. And an interesting adventure. 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Did You See That?

I have seen some interesting sights lately.

I told you some time ago about the big foot on my way into Sioux City. He is still there. But I have found more. There is one that I see in a field when I go to therapy. There are two more if I take another route into Sioux City. One is full sized. The little one with it must be a young big foot. 

Then there was a sight that made me laugh. There is a house with a big beautiful lawn. It is well- manicured with a nice bird feeder right in the middle. There stood a graceful deer nibbling at the bird feed in the feeder. I had no idea a deer would do that.

It is amazing what you can see if you just pay attention.