Monday, August 28, 2023

More Remodeling

 My son and his friend came to visit again. Lots of work was done. I will bore you with it now.

My front steps were deteriorating and breaking. The very center seemed to be sinking. Since I am still using a walker it was becoming more and more difficult for me to maneuver. I needed help to lift the walker into the house. Then I would hook my elbow inside the door to help pull myself in as I stepped into the house.

They rebuilt both sets of steps into the house with nice solid cement. Now I will not have such a big step to deal with. I like it.

They also put a small awning over the steps so rain would not come down and straight into the house. Now I will not get a shower every time I walk into the house as it is raining.

The plan was to shore up the threshold of the back door which they did. But in the process they discovered that the wall on one side of it was ready to fall off. What a job that was.

Basically he tore the whole wall away and rebuilt it... all in one day. With the temperatures well over 100 degrees it was miserable work. But now the wall is solid and safe. Two windows on the wall were completely replaced.

In my room the window is brand new. They made some repairs to the walls in my room. They also mounted my television which gives me a lot more room. I had a large space rug which they put under my bed and across half the room. No more cold tootsies when I step out of bed in the morning.

In my son's room one window was replaced. Half the floor was reinforced. 

Moving on to the hall the floor was reinforced. It is nice and solid now. Quiet too.

Off the kitchen my ex-husband had built a small block house around a big wood burning stove. The heat came in through the window which he had sealed inside metal. The problem was that it leaked a bit. The window was replaced and looks beautiful. The light it lets in is so nice.

On top of all that my son took us all out to a nice restaurant for my birthday. We all had a good time. 

In less than a week all of this was done. Of course we paid for it. That kind of work is not cheap. But if we had hired a company it would still not be done and would have cost many times more. I am happy with the results.


  1. oh dear Emma heartfelt congrats for all the great renovation has been done by your wonderful son ,he certainly loves you and spent money and time just to provide to more comfort and easier accessibility within the home :)
    i am so grateful and happy that you will have no issue during rain or while being in kitchen and specially no cold floor when step down from bed :)
    dear God will be rewarding your baby for all he did for you this is my faith!
    happy birthday to you dear friend !
    may you enjoy such love and care with health for long! amen

    1. My children are the joy of my life. They take good care of me and I am thankful.

  2. MY son's friend did this kind of work for a living. Normally he takes care of his mother who has medical issues. He hired his son to stay with her for a week so he could come. We had a hard time getting him to stop long enough to eat.

  3. It is a blessing to have relatives who understand construction. My brother was one such. He is gone now, and greatly missed.

    1. Every time my boys start a project they talk about how much their grandpa would have been help to them. My dad could build or fix almost anything.

  4. Not boring at all. We recently completed a remodeling (down to the studs) of our master bath. Also redecorated and much improved our bedroom, which had nubbly popcorn ceilings which are now gloriously smooth and creamy. The bath is small but it was SO BAD as our house is over 50 years old and I think maybe the bath had been "redone" once in those years. I know you will enjoy all of the improvements. God bless your son and his friend for seeing to this for you. xoxo

    1. Thank you. The bathroom was redone when they came the first time. What a job!

  5. Dear Emma, my best wishes for your birthday, and hearty congratulations!

    Your son did a very good job!

  6. Wow. Major work is done in a week?! Now you now that you are safe. Steps are not to be trifled with. I know from experience.