Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tooth Fairy

As a child grows it begins to lose its baby teeth. What happens is the new adult teeth actually push the baby teeth out of the way. It makes room for the adult teeth to fill the mouth.

At around the age of 5 or 6 years children gleefully wiggle teeth that lean forward and backward. Soon that tooth will lean so far that it drops out leaving that adorable empty space we see when the child smiles.

I lost my first tooth while I was eating a popcorn ball. I must have swallowed it. I had no idea it was gone until the popcorn ball was gone.

When my second tooth fell out I threw it away. I had never heard of the tooth fairy.

My brother who was a year younger than I was began losing teeth. With his first tooth in his hand he asked my mother, " If I put this under my pillow will the tooth fairy leave me any money?" 

Mom answered that he could try it and see.

My ears perked up. What was this talk of a tooth fairy? Nobody told me about any tooth fairy! And she leaves money?

So my brother left his tooth wrapped neatly in some tissue under his pillow. The next morning it had been replaced by a shiny new nickel.

After that whenever one of us lost a tooth we made a big display of wrapping it and placing it under the pillow. The joy of finding a nickel in the morning was indescribable.

When my children and grandchildren lost their teeth I explained to them that the tooth fairy
had them cleaned and polished for new babies. Can you imagine how old those teeth are now?

I was cheated out of payment for my first two teeth. THE TOOTH FAIRY OWES ME TEN CENTS!!!!


  1. Emma, I think that the tooth fairy owes you much more than 10 cents when you figure in all the interest on that change.

  2. Leave an invoice under your pillow and see what happens!

  3. Replies
    1. It is nice only if you were not cheated out of two nickels.

  4. LOL all my teeth went to the tooth fairy 😊 fairy. Have a good day Diane

  5. haha

    this is cute story dear Emma !

    i only once found coin under my pillow instead of tooth and tooth fairy was my father lol (mom told me later