Tuesday, April 2, 2019


If you guessed that Poodles was a dog you would be right. If you guessed that Poodles was a poodle you would be wrong.

Poodles was a golden colored cocker spaniel mix. Daddy named her.

At the time there was a popular joke about it raining cats and dogs and someone stepping into a mud poodle. My father thought it was a funny joke so that is what he named the dog.

My youngest sister had not started school when we got Poodles. Poodles rapidly became her best friend.

Poodles was a gentle dog and so good with children. She was exactly the kind of dog my sister needed.

We all loved Poodles too. She was a quiet little dog and never caused any problems. She was mostly content to let us pet her and baby her. With all of our friends in and out of the house that was a good thing.

In a year or so when my sister started school Poodles walked her to school in the morning. Then she would wait patiently for my sister to come home.

One morning my sister left for school with her pet right there with her. My mother was surprised when my sister returned a short time later with Poodles.

My sister told her that the dog catcher tried to take her dog. She said the only thing she could think of was to cry. The dog catcher melted with her tears and told her to take the dog home. So she did. It was one of Mom's favorite stories.

We had Poodles for a long time. I was actually married and not living at home when Poodles died.


  1. What a good dog to have. What a strange dog catcher.

  2. Glad the Poodles had a long and happy life with your sister and your family, Emma.

  3. such a touching story dear Emma!

    my heartbeat arouse when dog catcher tried to catch your lovely pet !

    how great that she was with you guys for long!
    such happy memories :)