Friday, April 12, 2019

Here We Go Again

The weather changed. The days were warmer. The leaves are coming out on the trees. No coats needed.

Then it turned cold. Here we go again.

Last night when I went to bed it began to rain. I like rain. It is relaxing and I looked forward to a good night's sleep.

Then it began to hail. At first it was a pitter-patter of tiny hailstones. Soon the sound of small boulders was pummeling the roof. The over-large hail lasted for several minutes. I was tired and did not even get out of bed to see the actual size.

This morning I saw snow on my back porch. A closer look revealed that it was melting hail.

The combination of rain and hail added to the already swollen river. The floods were receding from the fields. They have more standing water today.

The Army Corps of Engineers is predicting a lot more flooding this year. What good news.

We have a few more days of precipitation this week but the temperatures are supposed to get warmer. At least the blizzard went above us so we are not snowed in.

It is a battle between winter and spring. I wonder who will win.


  1. Western Oregon has, knock on wood, been largely exempt thus far from the climatological insanity, and I'm heartily sorry that your area hasn't There's nothing that causes me feel more moved about another area's bad news than to know someone who actually lives there.

    1. I am fortunate. I have been inconvenienced by the weather but not hurt by it. All around me people had no power. People have lost homes. The farmers will probably not be able to plant this year. It has been bad but we are okay.

  2. Glad to read that you were not inconvenienced by the weather in terms of damages or power loss, Emma. We had thunderstorms and lightning last evening, but no snow.

  3. oh dear Emma this is little disappointing specially when you are tired of snow and rain

    this year rains are pouring almost whole country here and many parts are flooded and lives of people is disturbed by moody weather

    wishing you peace and spring my friend!

    1. It seems that the whole world is experiencing strange weather. I will be glad when it calms down.