Friday, January 11, 2019

What Would You Do?

A young man prayed to his god. "Please let me win the lottery." He watched the day the numbers were drawn. He did not win.

Again he prayed, "Please let me win the lottery." He did not win,

Again he prayed and lost.  Over and over again it happened the same way.

Finally he prayed. "God I keep asking you to let me win the lottery. I have been a good person. I do not win. Please help me to understand why."

A voice boomed at him. "You have to buy a ticket!"

The joke is cute. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be rich?

Not having to worry about money seems like it would be easy. At the same time I have read the stories of people who won the big jackpot for a lottery and lost it all in no time.

It seems that loving family members and long lost friends suddenly want to be the closest to you. Salespeople have products that you simply cannot live without. Companies wish to allow you to invest in them so you can increase yout great wealth. You are so popular you have to work to find those moments of solitude you crave.

Still we dream of all the good things. Maybe a better house or a new car. A better wardrobe. The time and ability to spend more time doing the things we enjoy. Pay off all the bills.

We might hope to make life a bit easier for our loved ones.  We might plan a family get-together with ALL expenses paid.

There are many good charities that could use the help. Or maybe an anonymous 'adoption' of someone who needs a helping hand. Or both.

No. I did not come into a huge sum of money. But it is fun to dream.

What would you do?


  1. Like the man who prayed, I am safe. I will never buy a ticket. That leaves money left.

    1. When I lived in Detroit I voted and advocated against legalizing casinos downtown. Legalized gambling is almost always placed in low income areas. Desperate People with say $20 needing $200 are tempted to try to turn that $20 into more by gambling. These are people who cannot afford to lose what little money they have. You are smart to hang on to your money.

  2. I would never want to win a great deal of money because there are too many negatives attached to it. However, a small amount to go on a nice trip would be fun.

    1. I would love to come into a large sum of money. I would have to be careful though. I could go through a lot in the first week if not watchful.

  3. We buy every week but have pretty much given up hoping but.......

    1. I buy once in a while when I am there and think of it. I have won a couple of dollars a coupe of times.

  4. It is fun to imagine what one might do if they won the jackpot. I would pay off a few family mortgages, set up college funds, and travel, travel, travel. And I would buy a few hundred acres of still wild land in central Florida so it wouldn't be developed.

  5. "It seems that loving family members and long lost friends suddenly want to be the closest to you."

    I think that one of the good things about being suddenly and publicly rich would be ignoring such people. I think of the American who married the prince--Markel is her name--and of how her lowlife family suddenly wanted to be close, and she ignored them. Way to go.

  6. I have never longed for riches and hardly ever buy a lottery ticket. years ago, I did win a small amount of money on one, not enough to travel on so I suspect I simply bought a few more tickets. I would set aside money for family and then do as another has and enjoy myself with Grenville of course.

    1. You are doing it the smart way. And you and Grenville are having the time of your lives.

  7. interesting topic dear Emma!

    me and my younger sister were so different in our longings

    since beginning she wanted a big house with expensive cars and swimmingpool

    an ideal and perfectly handsome man to marry

    her dreams was to be extremely rich

    and even i belonged to a lower middle class family i still never dreamt about having more than i need for day to day living

    i refused to marry rich men who asked for marrying me to my mom and i was lucky that she respected my response

    i believed in gradual ,slow and steady progress dear Emma ,i wanted to sit under the shade of tree that i planted myself
    and god made it happen for me!
    no longing for Much money ever

    1. In reading your posts I can tell that you are content with your life.

  8. I bought lottery tickets last weekend when we went out of town for my birthday.
    Part of the fun of the tickets is thinking about what I would do if I won.
    Gotta run. It’s almost time for the drawing. I’ll put your check in the mail tomorrow:)