Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Did I Do That?

My son gave me a cane for Christmas. An old person's tool. It is not unattractive but I would not have bought it for myself.

I guess he got tired of seeing me wobble to catch my balance whenever I stepped off the curb or if the ground was not level. I know he was tired of picking me up when I fell off the porch.

The porch has three steps that lead up to a landing before the front door. It has no railing. I have a bad habit of falling off.

Needless to say the cane has come in very handy. That extra security for balance makes me feel safer.

Still I fell off the porch again. I was going down because my son and I were going to town. The final step got away from me. I was able to do a quick tuck and roll. I picked myself and my cane up and we went to town.

Even so I twisted my knee. The following day I could barely walk.  My cane helped me maneuver when necessary.

Today walking is a bit less painful. I am trying to stay off my leg as much as possible.

I think the worst thing of all is that my son is sick. He cannot take care of me and I can not take care of him. It is a pitiful househald right now.

By the way we are making plans to install a railing on the steps.


  1. I am sure your new cane will be a big help. A railing on the steps will make a big difference. I hate going down any stairs that does not have something to assist in my balance. I hope you heal quickly and your son feels better.

  2. Glad to hear you are installing a railing!!! I have a collection of sticks all of which belonged to my grand parents. I am not using them at this stage but sometimes I think I should! Take care and hope the knee soon improves. Diane

  3. When we lived in VA, we did not have a railing on the front porch steps, which were brick. There were times, I felt insecure going down them, even if there were only 4 steps and they were wide. Thankfully, most folks visited by the back door which had steps and a railing. I hope your leg is feeling better shortly, Emma, and while I don't have a cane, at times I use a walking stick when we go for walks in the woods. It makes me feel more secure as I'm sure your cane will do for you and it already has proven useful. Hope your son feels better soon as well.

  4. BE CAREFUL! You can get badly hurt. Right now I'm using a walker. I'd love to use a cane.
    Take care,

  5. I generally do not use steps with no railing.

  6. The idea to install a railing is great.
    We, old people, cannot afford to keep falling down.
    Take care.

  7. Your son really worries about you. Use that cane!
    Onde day I want to have one.

    1. My son cared for his father when he was dying. Now he is taking care of his doddering old mother. He swears he is glad to do it but what a burden.

  8. I'm glad you're getting a railing. All that falling sounds painful.


  9. Oh dear Emma I feel for you my precious friend!

    I wish and pray that may you and your dear son both be well soon and take care of each other, amen!

    This is great that you have decided to install ralling on porch.
    It will surely be support
    How thoughtful this Christmas gift is by your son
    It's not just cane but his love and support for you my friend!