Friday, March 13, 2015


My best friend is beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. Of course she knows it and uses it to her advantage but she also sees the beauty in other people.

Men always flock around her. As I said she is beautiful. And she gets the special treatment that beautiful people often get. That is a handy asset for her and for the people with her.

At the same time my friend is not a shallow person. She is caring and giving and has a marvelous sense of humor.

My friend has two sisters who are also good friends. We all support each other the best we can.

Her younger sister had two sons. The oldest was in school and the school was having a carnival/fundraiser. We all went to spend as much money as we could.

There was a mildly famous magician who appeared on local television children's shows often. He was appearing at the event.

He noticed my friend in the audience (what a surprise) and called her up to assist him in doing some of his magic. I can attest to the fact that they did not know each other.

He performed a lot of standard magic tricks to amaze and astound. He even managed to take my friend's watch from her arm without her knowing it.

Then came a trick that involved him placing an object into a container that looked a lot like a martini shaker. He told my friend to hold it between her hands end to end and turn it three times. She did.

Then as he was giving his spiel she flipped it once again. He passed his magic wand over it and said the magic words. He then asked my friend to open the container to show that the item had disaapeared or changed into something else or something.

She opened it. Nothing happened!

The magician was mildly flustered but he kept his poise and chuckled that they would need to do it over.

He watched carefully as my friend flipped the container for him. He reached fo his wand and she flipped it again. He passed the wand over it and said his magic words. My friend opened the container. Nothing had changed.

By now the magician was determined to get the trick completed. By now the smirk on my friend's face was impossible for her to hide. They started over.

Once again even under the close scrutiny of the magician the trick failed. He was definitely aggravated.

He said he would try ONE MORE TIME. He watched as my friend flipped the canister. She flipped it an extra time. He waved his wand and spoke the magic words. Then he grabbed her hands and flipped the canister once more. SUCCESS!

He promptly booted my friend off the stage and completed his act. She re-joined us and we had a good laugh. I told you she has a good sense of humor.

Then he called to her that she could come back up onto the stage if she wanted to collect her necklace.


  1. I suspect that the magician's sense of humor was very much frayed.

    1. At first he was confounded, then confused, then annoyed, and then downright angry. I really thought his head was going to explode.

  2. I read this three times and I don't get it. I am a bear of little brain, you will have to explain it for me!

    1. I do not know what it is that you don't understand. I will make a guess that it has to do with the trick the magician was trying to perform. I will explain that and if I am wrong let me know. The magician placed an object into the cylinder and closed it. The assistant would then hold the ends of the cylinder while flipping it an odd number of times. That would place the other end of the cylinder on top so the magician could open it and the object would be gone with perhaps a different object in its place. This would be accomplished by two separate compartments in the cylinder. By secretly flipping the cylinder an extra time my friend put the original compartment back on top so that the original object would be displayed when the magician opened it. So Bear of Little Brain I hope that answered the question enough that you can get back to your honey pot. My apologies to all magicians for exposing a trade secret

  3. That must have ben fun and quite tensed moment.

    1. I think the only one who was tense wasa the magician. It was a good sized crowd and we all had a good laugh.

  4. It's not magic if you believe in it. :) Great story again, Emma.

    1. Life is magic. Magicians have only learned to manipulate reality.

  5. Hello Emma, greetings and good wishes.

    Your beautiful friend is what we call beauty with brain and such beauties are very rare to find.

    Very interesting story about the magician and his failure to perform the final trick. Surely, he must have been flustered and felt silly when his trick failed. I wonder what your friend did to make the trick fail so many times.

    Well written story. I enjoyed it.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment. My friend was being an evil genius that day.