Saturday, May 4, 2024


Last post you will remember me ranting about gambling. I am against it. At the same time I do encourage competition. It teaches one how to lose gracefully and how to win gracefully. It teaches a person to try their best and be proud of their effort.

We played board games until we wore them out. We played a lot of games with paper and pencil. We also played card games. Lots of them.

Mom never 'let' us win. If we won we knew we had really won. 

We began with easy games like Go Fish and Lay Four Out. As we grew and understood more we graduated to more difficult games. All the time Mom was teaching us the right way to play and strategy to help us win.

There were also solitaire games. Mom taught us several games we could play alone. How wise she was using a deck of cards to keep us out of her hair.

Mom taught my children to play Dungeons and Dragons. In grade school all of my children could keep track of their points and weapons. They even knew how to draw and follow maps. They even made their own games for all of them to play.

These days I relax by playing solitaire on the computer. I have about 15 games that are favorites. I even play a couple of pencil and paper games alone. It all keeps my mind busy and I have fun.


  1. your mom was really smart dear Emma :)
    moms are mostly on task to transfer their skills to their children so true
    we would play paper pencil games and two board games one was luddo and other was carrom board .we played them with our kids until they grew up
    i liked you keep your mind busy ,it's really crucial in all parts of age actually
    hugs and best wishes

    1. Thank you, baili. You also provide me with spiritual things to think about. Boy does that keep me busy!

  2. thecontemplativecat here. Your mother was a gem. Not every mom does that, and make a lasting memory. Playing games is essential for the development of children.

    1. Yes they are. Children learn a lot when they are at play. I wish more people would recognize that.