Wednesday, May 8, 2024


 I have never been called graceful. I am a person who trips over her own feet. It is embarrassing. 

As I became older my sense of balance became a part of my clumsiness. Walking into the house I would get to the top step and become disoriented. I fell off the steps so many times. Thankfully I was never hurt.

My son got so tired of helping me up that he bought me a cane. That third leg gave me a sense of balance. It really helped me. I had been vain about using it before I got it which was so foolish.

Then a couple of years ago I had a stroke. It affected my left side. Since I am left-handed my recovery went a bit faster.

I still use a walker.  My walking gait is uneven. I can take a few steps on my own but I keep my walker or another steadying spot close. 

Unfortunately I still fall now and then. I try to be careful but sometimes it happens. At least so far I haven't been hurt. Still it is no fun.

For the most part getting myself back on my feet is the hardest part. I have to get to a place that can help me help myself. Then I have to find grips to keep myself steady.

The last time I fell I pulled the microwave (not in use at the time) on top of me. Thank goodness it was not the dishwasher because it was running.

So I am trying to be more careful. 


  1. Emma, I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. While I do not use a walker, whenever I kneel or sit down, getting up is never a "pretty" sight. Like yourself, I am also trying to be more careful of balance issues.

  2. thecontemplativecat here. Oh, honey. I hear you, having taken some serious falls resulting in head injuries. Chronic migraines (family inheritance) shape my life. I should use a cane when it hits. My neuro. confirms that I am 3.8 more times like to have a stroke. so it all hangs over me. I might be a few steps behind you. God bless you.

    1. Please be careful. And if you have any symptoms of a stroke get to the hospital right away. I waited too long. I had no idea time made a difference but they kept telling me that it would have been even better if I had not waited all day.