Friday, May 17, 2024

Mmm Mmm Good

One of the things that gives me great joy is listening to my sons exchanging recipes.

As you know I have four children... three boys and a girl. I decided when they were very young that I did not want them to marry a mommy or a daddy. My boys learned to cook simple foods and my daughter learned to change a tire.

There were rules. No one was allowed to cook on their own until they could stand flat-footed on the floor and see over the top of the stove. No one was allowed to jack up a car without someone else close by for safety.

My daughter is the youngest of the four and has a tiny body. She was quite a bit older than any of the boys were when she was allowed to cook alone. However she now works for a car dealership. She has earned bonuses and won prizes for her work. Her father would be proud. But she has never been interested in cooking.

The boys are all nice big men. They did not make any difficult meals but they would not starve if left to their own devices. As they got older they all relied on others to cook their meals. Although my youngest son has become a good baker. He makes all their Christmas cookies.

Then I had a stroke. When I came home from the hospital it was unsafe for me to use the stove. My son began to cook for us. He now is not only a good cook but he has begun experimenting a bit. He makes the best chili ever. He made his chili for his brother and gave him the recipe so he could make it for himself because he liked it so much.

Now my second son made his brother's chili and was successful. He has decided to try a few new things of his own. Just last week he sent pictures of the turkey with vegetables he had made. It was gorgeous.

Every now and then the boys will be on the phone discussing food. They talk about the best ways to season meats and how to make their vegetables. They talk about the meals they have made.

I just sit and chuckle with pleasure. 


  1. such a sweet post dear Emma :)
    i think to sit and listen their recipes must be a proud and serene for you :)
    i love how you made your boys cook food and daughter change tire wow
    i feel if i had a daughter i would have done the same because both parties need to learn things that will not be taught otherwise .
    thanks i loved it

    1. I want the people they choose to live their lives with to be someone they enjoy. Not someone to take care of them.

  2. I rejoice in your good relationships with your children. Did learning to change a tire inspire your daughter to eventually become a mechanic, or does she hold another job at the dealership?

    1. She has a different job. Being a mechanic does not pay as much as what she does. I am so very proud of all my children.

    2. "Being a mechanic does not pay as much as what she does."

      To be praised by her employer while working at a job that pays a decent wage is a very good thing.