Thursday, October 12, 2023

Sing Along

 After the car accident my son and I were in in 2010 one of the things that happened to me was that I lost my ability to sing. By that I mean that even though I felt like singing the words did not come out.

Now as anyone who knows me knows I cannot really sing. If you put a tune in a briefcase and locked it I still would not be able to carry it. I admire and envy those who can sing. Music is important to my life.

Therefore I gave it no thought after I had a mild stroke a couple of years ago. I was not even concerned with not being able to sing along with a favorite song. I thought it was lost to me forever.

Recently I realized that I have been singing with the music I am listening to. Hooray! 

I do not know when it began. I still stop throughout a song. It is not because I do not remember the words. My ability is still spotty. But I can sing again.

It may seem like nothing to a lot of people but I am ecstatic. O sole mio......


  1. That is a great surprise that you regained your ability to sing.

  2. thecontemplativecat here. After a few years of depression and migraines, i found my music was gone. It is slowly returning.

  3. Wonderful! And by the way, I applaud you for saying "If you put a tune in a briefcase and locked it I still would not be able to carry it."

  4. I though not sing since some years but I can if want to.
    I know how reliving it might be for you and I am happy you got your blessing back: )

    1. Thank you. I love music so and I am enjoying it more now.