Friday, June 1, 2018

Whose Dog?

My second son is back in the big city. He had a job that he liked. Then he was offered another job that paid more money. Knowing that there was a supervisory position opening at his job he applied for that.

Because he had been out of the work force for so long he told them he was willing to start at a much lower salary as long as he had the opportunity for increases.

Because he also had the new offer he felt secure in whatever decision the company made. They decided not to advance his position.

He gave them two weeks notice. He did not throw a tantrum and was business-like at all times. He did like that job and they had been good to him.

So he took the new position. He enjoyed that job as well. The company is owned by a friend.

My son was able to buy a car. He also bought a house.

His second daughter is a teenager. She has had a rough time of it. She was neglected by her mother and always felt like she was not wanted anywhere.

When they moved into the house my son told her it is hers. He surprised her with her own furnished bedroom. The difference in her is visible. She likes living with her father and belonging.

His son will be a teenager soon. He lives with his mother but is with his father every weekend. He will stay with my son this summer too.

My son has taught him to stand tall. He looked so beaten by the world.

My grandson is learning to play baseball and is on a team this year. No one took the time before. He likes having his own room and knowing it too.

A few weeks ago my son called and asked me to guess what happened. Of course you know I had no guess.

The owner of the company my son left wanted to see him. My son was being offered the supervisory job he applied for before.

Of course my son went in for the interview. The man told him that after reviewing his application and speaking to other employees he wanted to make my son a supervisor.  The position would pay more than twice as much as my son had originally requested.

So now my son has a new job. He has two of his children with him. His oldest daughter is away at college.

They decided they wanted a pet. Off to the dog pound they went. Our family always gets rescued animals.

The three of them were looking for just the right pet. As they strolled through looking at what dogs were there my son noticed that his daughter had abandoned them. She had her hand in the cage of one puppy petting it.

He quickly went over and reminded her how dangerous it can be to do that with a strange animal. "But Dad she is so cute." They had a new pet.

My son called me yesterday laughing. He had his son give the dog a bath then take her outside. They are still in the process of house training her.

Apparently she was mad about the bath. She shook herself all over my grandson. Then she dragged him all around the yard as he held her leash. And he is a big kid.

He finally decided to take her back inside. After a lot of tugging and pulling he got her inside. She pulled away as he tried to unfasten her leash.

My grandson threw down his hands in frustration and stomped off to his room.

The dog gently picked up her leash, took it over to my granddaughter, and dropped the leash into my granddaughter's hand.

Guess whose dog she is.


  1. Lol. Wonderful news for the family!

  2. This is such a perfect story. Tell your son he has my approval.

  3. The ending made me smile. Happy for them.

    1. It is the funny stories like this that families need to remember. They tie us together.

  4. What a great story! Nice to hear good news these days.☺

    1. I had not thought about it. You are so right. We need more smiles and chuckles.

  5. Such a warm story.

    And everybody looks so good.

  6. A happy dog and a happy family it seems. Take care Diane

  7. This was truly a heartwarming story about your son and his family, Emma. It goes to show that good things DO come to those who wait and don't complain. And, that dog certainly knows who its new owner will be in that family!

    Also, thanks for your comments on some of my recent blog posts. I truly appreciated them.

    1. I am enjoying my son's appreciation of his family. All his children are blossoming with his care.

  8. touching story dear Emma specially about the job of your son and i am so happy that finally he has one of his favorite and supporting his family with ease and satisfaction .
    felt sorry for your grand daughter who feels neglected by her own mom

    1. She has her father and is so happy. His children are able to have a good relationship with him and that is what matters.