Friday, June 29, 2018


 I recently told you about my sister's dilemma. Her family could no longer afford a phone for her through the phone company. She cannot hold a cellphone well with the one hand that works.

Thank you to all of you who offered to help. I felt very loved.

We were checking into phones that connect through the computer. That is what I use for my home phone. It is inexpensive and works just like any through a phone company. That is what I have had for year.

The problem there is that her family could not afford to hook her up to an internet system.

Then my son found a system that hooks into Wi-Fi. You simply plug it in and access the Wi-Fi available at your location. The nursing home has Wi-Fi.

A regular phone like you have sitting on the table is hooked up and you are connected. Technology is wonderful.

When I called the home to ask about it the floor nurewas unsure about granting the use of uch a contraption. It was a weekend so I had to call back and talk to the adminnistrator.

For more than a month I have been leaving messages for her to call me back. For more than a month she ignored me.

I was rather rude with the last message I left last Friday.

In the meantime I asked the operator who connects me to whomever I am calling if there was anyone else I could speak with. She had me speak with one of the maintenance men who deal with this sort of issue.

He told me there were other patients there who have the same thing. As far as he knew there would be no problem.

I asked him if he could help if my sister's family has questions about installation. I know it is not his job but he said he would be happy to help.

So I have asked my nephew to research it and see what he thinks. He will be the one to do the work. I am waiting for him ro get back to me.

Hopefully my sister will have her phone soon.


  1. For crying out loud. I hope all this frustration ends soon.

  2. There was no internet connection for the residents of the rehab center I stayed at this month. I'm not sure why. It was frustrating.

    1. There are still places that do not share. I am sure it was frustrating. My sister has been stuck in bed for I do not know how many years. She gets bored and afraid when she has no way to contact people.

  3. Shame on that administrator for not replying to your repeated attempts to reach her. You rudeness was not unwarranted. It was nice of the maintenance fellow to offer to help out your sister's family and I do hope she gets a connection. Please keep us posted, Emma.

    1. I will let you know when she finally calls me instead of me calling her.