Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Family Part 7

You will remember that my husband and I were just married. I was working in the kitchen of the hospital. My husband was working for a farmer.

Many farmers buy other farms that are for sale. Most included the farmhouse originally occupied by the seller. Often those houses are rented to people who want to live in the country with no desire to farm themselves.

My husband's farmer boss had such a house and we were given the house to live in a part of my husband's wages. It was a raise of sorts

It was a nice farmhouse. There was no indoor plumbing. That meant bringing water from the pump outside. It also meant the dreaded house out back to use for calls of nature. How I hate an outhouse.

There was no electricty but I was used to that. It had a nice woodstove for cooking. I really like cooking on a woodstove.

We only lived there for a couple of months. My hours at work made it hard to live so far out. We rented a small apartment in town. I could walk to the hospital in order to be there by 6:00 AM.

The following summer my husband deided he wanted to try for a better job in the big city. He went to Detroit. He stayed with his brother and family until he made enough money for me to follow.

I rode the bus to Detroit. As we neared the city I saw a gigantic tire on display by the highway. I later learned that it had once been a ferris wheel. It was converted inti a tire for advertising purposes.

I hated living in such a large city. People live practically on top of each other. There seems to be no room to move.

After a time there I discovered that I was finally going to be a mother. My first son was born the following spring.

Almost two years later my second son was born.  We decided that we might have one more baby... someday.

Three and a half years later our someday baby was born. He was another son.

No more babies for me. I had my hands full with three children not yet in school.  My husband wanted a little girl. I told him I was not going to keep having babies until he got a girl. If he wanted a girl he could have the baby and take care of it himself.

Needless to say I was barely out of the hospital before I was pregnant again. Slightly a year after my third son was born I had a baby girl.  She was my surprise baby.

My little family was complete. I was supremely happy.


  1. Fun. My husband maintained always it was my fault we had two daughters.

    1. Your husband was the one who simply followed the mold. Daughters are magnificent creatures and entirely unique from sons.

  2. Glad that you had your girl after three sons so I guess you were both happy :-) I could never live in a city, thankfully I have never had to! Take care and enjoy the week Diane

    1. I am happy to be back in the country. Three of my children want a city life so that is where they stay.

  3. That was a lot of pregnancy in a relatively short amount of time. I only had one, so I can't imagine how busy you must have been.