Friday, March 2, 2018

Family Part7

Mary writes on

Tim didn't like school very much nor the rest of them either. Mom would have them ready for the bus, Tim would sneak outside and wave the bus on. Mom could of killed them. They got kicked off the bus a lot, especially Mike he loved to fight, he was the bully of the school, no doubt about it he was tough. The boys quit school at an early age. I'm sure the teachers were not to unhappy about losing the trouble makers, (_____________ boys). They did make a lot of friends and made it a habit to always protect the younger kids and kids that were not fighters. They just worked on the other bullies. Kids they grew up with will reminisce about the boys, said they were good, but just loved to fight. Mike the leader and Dick Bruneau next in line.

Mom made appointments for them to see the dentist. No one wanted to go in first. The rest of them talked David in to be first. He was not impressed with anything, Mom was told to leave the room, the dentist said he would settle him down and not let him be afraid. OH SURE - It wasn't to long and David came out, the dentist also. He said - he bit me and wouldn't let go, broke the skin. You'll have to find another dentist for all of them. David became the hero!!!!!!!

Mom would get cleaned up for the grocery store, the boys always wanted to go, she said NO you won't clean up - I'm ashamed of you. They would beg and say we will sit in the car, I promise. Well OK - She would be shopping and one at a time they would find her in the store, embarrass her, go back to the car. When she came out they asked her what did you get me? How about a slap across the face.

This instance happened at one of the rental farms. Mom & Marguerite decided to wallpaper the living room, ceiling & sidewalls. Gee they were pleased when done looked great. The next day mom went into the living room, this is what she found? mice had eaten holes in the ceiling and sidewalls, the paste was made of flour and water, the mice loved it, yum, yum. What a shame, I'm sure she cried about it

Talking about moves most of the houses had bed bugs they get into the walls, and as soon as warm bodies moved in, they came to feast on our blood They are small flat red bugs, nest in corners of the mattress, waiting for us at night. In order to get rid of them, the springs of the bed (made of iron) would be taken out side and burnt on a wood pile. The mattress's were taken outside and sprayed with kerosene, lay in the sunshine till night, springs and all were brought back in. We slept peacefully. This had to be done often so we never thought anything of it.

After Robbie passed away, Mom got in to the hobby of making plaques for hanging on the wall. Bought molds, used plaster of Paris for her mixture and painted them. Some of them were pheasants, kitchen prayer, dogs, antique looking wall hangings, etc. She did a good job and sold many. Trudy has the cats mom made in her family room.

Her Dr. Jamison had the Jamison clinic. He needed a cleaning lady, so hired her. She did this for many years enjoyed every bit of it. Shirley would take her on Saturdays and pick her up in the evening when she finished. She made lots of friends and as we know a very good worker.

We had outhouses for ever, got used to that too. Our neighbors were all the same, runmng to the outhouse, night time a bucket in the kitchen. Ours was not to comfortable lots of time it sat on a slant. This takes the cake, a new hole had to be dug, the outhouse had to be moved over the hole. Dad was not thinking and set the outhouse with the door facing towards the road, wouldn't of been so bad but it had no door. Mom's bomb went off, course Dad didn't think this was so bad, it still took him at least a week to build the door. Hey - What does a women have to put up with?

Bath time at our house was done in the kitchen in a very large tub. Water had to be heated on the stove in buckets, then dumped in the tub. Girls were first then the boys. We were very modest, so the boys stayed away till Mom told them it was their turn. We never had a shower while growing up. Mom did not get that until many years down the rode. Mary & Paul came back one summer, built another bedroom and put indoor plumbing & a shower. Mom was delighted!!!!!!!!!

When all the relatives came back for dad's funeral, of course we had a get together at Mom's. Mike caught the horse and gave all the grandkids rides. Everyone had a good time. We all had sadness for losing dad but joy came with good times and reminiscing.

Dad used to tell stories about hunting Jack rabbits in Minnesota, when he was just a child with his family. The boys would go hunting, he said the rabbits were as tall as a small cow and made more than one meal.

Moving day was not fun. All farmers that rented ground had to move March 1. It was usually cold and deep snow. Our cattle had to be herded to the next farm along side the road. The boys rode horses to keep them in line. The rest of the animals were put in wagons & hayracks and moved that way. Our furniture was also loaded the same way. Mom & Dad were so relieved when that was finished, but guess what, Mom still had to get something to eat for all of us. I'm sure she was beat by the end of the day.

For fun when we went to Whiteads house we would lay on a bed spring tied between two trees. The girls were first, we would lay on our stomach and hang on to the springs for dear life. The boys would get us going so high that the spring would actually jump and bounce, just what the boys wanted. We never got threw off, what a wonder. We girls couldn't get it going so high for the boys, but they would still scream slow down. What we girls liked was to be pushed gently, it was easy to fall asleep. We would use a blanket to lay on. When it rained gently we were protected by the leaves on the tree. Doesn't that sound soothing.

Shirley saved our lives on January 4, 1947. Pat was expecting Connie, all the guys were at work. We did not have a phone and Pat needed a ride to the hospital. Mom said go out on the road and hitch a ride to Solomons, they'll get Pat to the hospital. Shirley waved a car down This old gent was alone, Shirley told him the problem and slid in beside him, I was by the window, as we were getting close to Solomons Shirley said we want off at the next farm. He seemed to speed up, so Shirley reached in front of me opened the door and pushed me out, she jumped out right behind me. All I remember was sitting along side of the road, Shirley close beside me. We were a little scratched up on the legs, nothing big. The old gent did not stop, just kept on going, he must have been up to no good. Solomon's got Pat to the hospital on time. Connie was Dad & Moms first grandchild. She was cute, small, chubby, and a lot of dark hair. Everyone's pride and joy.

to be continued...


  1. Bet you are enjoying all these memories even more that we are. Glad that you Mum found something to occupy her time after Robbie passed on, it must have been hard for her. Cheers Diane

  2. Thank you, Emma, for a glimpse into a life that is so different from all the commodities we have nowadays! Makes one feel very grateful for these amenities - on the other hand I see all the strong ties in your family, which is wonderful.
    (My sister did not bite the dentist, but refused stubbornly to open her mouth - he sent her back to my mother.)

    1. My daughter refused to open her mouth. It was my husband who bit the dentist.