Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Family Part8

Mary has more

All of us girls were afraid of our own shadow. Here's what happed to Shirley and myself. Mom and Dad had to go somewhere. We were home with the boys and Robbie. A car pulled in across the road, sat there for awhile then they would get in and out of the car, and mess around. Shirley said you holler to them if they don't leave immediately I would send my Dad out. That's what I told them. Here's what they said "why don't you just send him out." Hey, brave us hurried and loaded up Robbie and my brothers and took off in Shirley's car. We went for a long ride, when we returned our parents were home and of course the trouble makers were gone

Mom was very brave, this episode happened in the Spring before she died. It was 2:00 am in the morning. She heard someone knocking at her front door got up and went to the kitchen, where she always left the light on, turned it off and as she looked up (2) guys were looking in the window at her. She said you leave immediately, or I'll shoot you. She then went to the front room to her chair and phone to get her composure. Called Chuck & I, I then called Darwin Solomon and made a beeline out there. Darwin & Emaline were there said they saw no one. We hollered Mom at the door. She was sitting in the chair with her gun. It was fake pistol she got from Aunt Tony but did not sound like one. We called the Sheriff from Akron, they came down to check it out. They were amazed at Mom and her age and still being calm. Here's what she said "If this was a real gun and they opened the door I'd shot the Sons of Bitches. The Sheriff took a drive down the road towards town. He saw (2) high school boys and picked them up, they admitted they were there, just wanted to use the phone. They didn't get any punishment, and that's a crock. I spent the rest of the night with her. As I write this I wonder who got the pistol and hope they still have it. We talked about this so many times and laughed While Shirley was in the hospital, it was a hot day, Mom and I were own our way home. She needed a few groceries, so I just left the window down and said to her if someone puts a hand on this car, shoot em in the head. She said I will!!! We laughed some more.

Dad had to go to a nursing home before he died, became hard to handle, and doing things to hurt himself. He was there for (6) months, broke his hip and went to the hospital where he passed away (St. Luke.

Mom was doing pretty good, but missing Shirley& Pat. Stayed quite strong. Until I lost Chuck (4) days after Pat. Connie & her family were back as they were settling up there Mom's estate. When Connie told her about Chuck, she said Grandma got up from her chair and went to the bedroom for awhile, when she came back she was shocked like all, could hardly talk.

She lost so many in such a short time. September through December she & I became closer and stronger, did a lot of talking. I noticed she was not sleeping in her bed but in the reclining chair. She said her stomach hurt when she laid down. She was retaining water and it would come out in small pin hole openings in her legs of course I took her to the Dr. Different test were ordered at St. Lukes and I noticed how hard it was for her to lay on a table for her test. We made it through that but a few weeks later she needed to go the Jones Eye clinic, she was checked routinely for the progress of glaucoma and was medicated for it for a lot of years, but it was taking her eye sight slowly, but she held right in. It was a snowy day. I got her to the car with a walker, she always sat in the back seat, she made it into the back seat but her coat was nylon as she sat on the seat, started slipping. I held & guided her and said just sit down gently in the snow. Her foot was under her and she sat on it breaking the ankle. I called Rick Solomon and his Mom. We called an ambulance and to the hospital she went. She had to have surgery, it was painful. She lived (2) days. She was tired and wanted to die, she mentioned before she was ready anytime and she was. She died very peaceful.

I need to mention after my lo\osing my sisters, we needed someone to live in Shirley's trailer to be with Mom. I was so thankful Sandy, wanted to help. She moved into the trailer and gave Mom the best of care, doing meals and visiting. Between her and I Mom was happy again.

In January 2004 Sandy wanted to get her life back to normal, it just so happened David and Coeta decided to come back to S.C. and moved in Mom's house. Sandy moved to an apartment in Elk Point. David lived there till the acreage was sold which was in September of 2005. He bought a home in Westfield, Ia. The acreage sold for one hundred thousand dollars, all fees had to be paid out of that. It was divided between, Paul, Mary, Mike, David, & Tim. The five of us were blessed to get the inheritance, our parents worked hard to provide for us. Always remember some children get no inheritance, parents just don't have a thing left

March of 2008 the new owner tore the house down. Shirley's trailer is still there and her beautiful weeping willow tree, she and Pat both loved Willow trees. It will make a nice home someday. At this point, I'm not remembering anymore stories. If any of you think of something to add just let me know.

With all you kids spending time with them something will come to your mind.

Even though I am not gettmg into in-laws I need to mention Bud, after moving up the hill from them, pleased Mom in everyway he could, attending to all her needs. He's a very kind person. As a couple Bud and Pat took wonderful care of Mom and Dad. Bud moved back to Idaho to take care of his mother. Pat, Shirley, Mary & Chuck and Sandy, did all they could to make her life comfortable. She was well cared for and happy. We all remember her for her contentment in life.

This is health information you should know. Mom & Dad both developed high blood pressure. Mom was in her late 40's - Dad late 50's. Mom had some heart problems controlled by meds, also developed asthma in later years. She had breast cancer and had a breast removed when about 65. She had glaucoma(disease of the eye) was medicated for that. Dale had it to. - Dad developed hardening of the arties in late 70's. Actually both of them did very well. Dad's family died from heart problems - Mom's also. - as far as I know. She had arthritis

Dad - Cause of death - body wore out - age 92 - Nov. 19, 1997
Mom breast cancer - 65 yrs. old - cause of death-body wore out - age 95 Dec. 19, 2003
Shirley pancreatic cancer - 72 - cause of death - July 1.2002
Pat brain tumor - 75 - cause of death - Aug. 8, 2003
Mary breast cancer - 69
Dale massive heart attack - cause of dead -65 - June 4,1992
Paul- Alzheimer's - complications - cause of death - kidneys failed - 74 June - 20:06
David- 63 - cause of death- cancer October, 2011

TO SUM THIS UP, we were born to parents who had high morals, a Christian background, stuck behind us no matter what, and provided for our needs. We ALL have a Iot to be proud of.

Mary wrote this in 2008. I read it from time to time for the stories of my children's family. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.


  1. Just wore out! My mom said of my dad, who was "just wore out" and didn't die, "his heart just won't quit beating."
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I felt it was worth sharing. I hope when I post the story of my family it will be as well received. I am not going to post back-to-back as I did with this one.

    2. I really had to laugh at you Mum with a toy gun :-) Just shows it does not pay to look in a window if you want to use a phone, stay by the door and keep knocking!! I have to admit that it would have terrified me to see two faces at the window!! Take care Diane

    3. It did not pay to mess with my mother-in-law. She may have been in her 90's but she would never put up with any nonsense.

  2. You have such rich memories... I think it's so important to write about our past, because it gives us new perspectives about today, and new perceptions about life too.