Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weather Report

By the time you read this it will be old news. I just had to jot it down because it has been interesting to see.

Last week I complained about the snow and the river rising. Then I told you in another post about the snow still on the ground but melting. The weather had turned warmer.

Today has been different. When I awoke I saw on the weather report that a winter weather advisory had been issued. Oh joy!

I got up and had breakfast as I checked the news on my computer. The sky was overcast but we were still dry.

My neighbor was busy cutting wood for his wood stove. He was raised in a much warmer climate and suffers in the winter. Cold weather bothers him long after the rest of us are wearing lighter clothes.

It began to sprinkle a bit. My neighbor wheeled his wood inside. I watched the occasional drop of rain on the window.

Soon I saw more and more drops. Then it rained as if it meant business.

I watched the wooden railing on my back porch as the rain formed a thin film of ice. It looked slippery.

Later I heard a harder sound as the rain was mixed with sleet. The cutting sound of sleet made me check the wooden railing again. The ice on it was thicker.

Now comes the interesting part. The wind was blowing a little and I would hear a tinklng noise every now and again.

Of course I had to run checkthe porch.

The wind was picking up now. It was blowing the layers of ice off the tree branches.

The wooden railing looks like someone broke a bunch of light bulbs all over it. In fact the whole yard looks that way. It is very pretty.

As I look at some of the leafless branches a couple of yards over I can see they are covered with a thin layer of ice. Again so pretty.

Now I am waiting for the snow that is supposed to follow. We are only supposed to get about 2 inches of snow. Cross your fingers.


It is the next day now. I am listening to the sounds of rain falling on my roof.

Except it is not rain. The ice and snow are melting from the trees. Most of the snow has emlted and is gone. The ice is now raining down.

Looking out the window I can see what looks like a strange rain or snow coming down.

I keep thinking it will stop soon.  There are a lot of trees so I do understand that they all need to shed the ice. What astounds me is that they have been at it for close to an hour and a half. There must have been more ice than I thought.


A couple more days have passed. I see no snow on the ground. The temperature is about what it should be for this time of year.

But wait! There is more. It is supposed to snow tomorrow. Sigh...


  1. So frustrating! It seems like the inhabitants of snow country have to earn spring the hard way. I remember it well. Your joy in spring is going to be massive, however. I envy you that.

    1. A lovely way to look at it. I will try to keep that in mind.

  2. Spring comes in all elbows and knees sometimes.

    1. Elbows and knees with the occasional disrespectful moon.

  3. this is really a fun post dear Emma!!!

    although i cannot see through your window but the way you paint the scenario with your words i feel the effects of your weather clearly in my soul:)

    weather is being so abruptly dramatic this year which must be something specific in the knowledge of experts though but i am happy that you experienced some warm weather though snow is expected tomorrow yet hoping for best and hoping for spring my friend for you!

    1. We did get snow the next day. It is all melted now. Today is sunny. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  4. It is really time we all experienced a bit more warmth. We have had no rain for the last two days which was very welcome but we have had heavy frosts instead!! Take care Diane

    1. I am ready to experience a bit more consistency. The extremes are driving me crazy.

  5. This was a very informative and in a way entertaining post of the weather conditions, Emma. I could visualize the ice covered railing and trees and glad you were safely watching and commenting from indoors.

    1. I was glad to be inside with my nice new furnace. I had a good time watching the weather unfold right before my eyes.