Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Family Part6

More from Mary

Dad was always looking for more storage and came across a large box car. It was pretty nice. The Barber Brothers hauled it in as their business was working with large equipment. Used it for several years. It finally caught fire one night and burnt to the ground. The fire department from Akron were called but couldn't save it, Because was electrical. While I'm talking about fires, Dad was some what of a fire bug. He said it's a good idea to burn the hills winter grass to the ground and start over fresh. It is a good thing, but not on a windy day. Sure enough many times dad would do this and the fire would get away from him and travel to other property, we would all have to try and beat it out, couldn't always get the job done. The fire department would be called and have to put it out. Dad would say can you imagine someone crazy enough to start a fire on such a windy day, could of burnt my house down. I'm sure he wasn't fooling no one. The fight and name calling would began again, Mom was on the war path. Dad never changed.

After Dale and Janet got married he wasn't making very good money, so pulled a small trailer house up by the barn, not much for scenery, lived there for awhile then built a small house where Shirley's trailer sets. From there he built another house across the road by the creek. Dad and Dale would have a round or two with their mouths, because Dale loved to live surrounded by junk, after that he moved to town.

When Paul and Sharon were first married he pulled another trailer in and set it by the driveway. They didn't stay long, decided to head for town.

Shirley bought Paul's trailer and moved in, she made it cozy. From there she decided to make a home out of the box car and was content for awhile. After a few years she bought another larger trailer which was comfortable. She then bought the trailer that's still there. Tim took a vacation and came to S. C. to haul it in and set it up for her comfort, thank God for Tim. It was very nice and lived in it till she passed away. When ever company came they stayed at Shirley's. She loved having all her niece's and nephew's come any time. Mikie came every summer and spent three months with Mom, Dad & Shirley. She had lots of fun entertaining all of them. She was a great aunt. Shirley loved the acreage which Mom willed to her so she would always have a home. I just wish she was still living there. We never know what lies ahead for any of us She was a hard working gal and very contented. She was pretty and liked buying clothes was garage sales, bought a lot if you saw her trailer. She had a good life, always happy, smiled a lot and looked at the good side. She complimented everyone a lot.

When Dale was living on the acreage, he and Janet were going to town, but got in an argument and Janet wouldn't go. Dale took off in an old Hudson, driving to fast rolled it over but landed back on its wheels, so drove it back home with the top caved in. Janet was really mad then, Dale being like Dad just laughed.

Sandy and Mom were visiting one day so Mom procedes to tell her about this episode. After her mother passed away she and her dad went to grandma's house. Mom was to stay while her dad had business to attend to. Her dad left and she threw a fit so grandma put her in the basement for awhile and went outside to do chores. Mom ended up breaking all kinds of glass jars with canned food for winter and then climbed out the window looking for her dad.

Mom had a very hot temper and when she had enough she let it go. She would call dad all kinds of names, I remember her throwing the clock at him, he ducked. He knew he better get outside and would slam the door saying (you know it all), would come in much later. No matter what she would always have his meals at his place on the table. Waited on him hand and foot - hey you guys that must be love!!!!!

This is quit a story. Mom had gone to the windmill to turn the blades on, so she could get water. It had a wire connected to a low part of the windmill with a lever, it was to go up to turn it on and down to tum it off. It was hard to use. The problem came because her face was to close to the lever when it went up. It hit her upper lip and front tooth. It knocked the tooth straight under the lip so there she was. When ever she smiled the tooth could be seen also when she opened her mouth to eat. The strange thing it did not hurt when this happened, must of killed the nerve. She went many years before it was fixed.

One very hot summer day Paul and myself rode his bike to the neighbors, (Jones') I was on the handle bars. It was a dirt road sheltered by trees. Paul was peddling very fast, when up ahead he saw a swarm of snakes crossing the road, probably moving their colony. He said hold on, keep your legs up, he went right through the middle of them. It happened so fast I don't recall screaming, I may have. It was an ugly sight, and myself so afraid of them. He was terrified too. Needless to say we took another way home.

We use to go to North Sioux City every 4th of July. The Gypsies came to town at that time. It was fun to wander around their village they set up. We went as a family or all kids together, as the story is they would kidnap kids.

They sold all kinds of food, had beautiful weddings, dressed very bright like the Mexicans and seemed friendly. They were noted to steal anything, drove in the country for chickens and animals. They had all kinds of dogs, maybe ate them too. Dad drove his truck through the village all of us in the back covered with blankets, as fire crackers were threw in the box, popping off all over, never got hurt thought it was fun. Then we would go to Fry's house, Mom and Dad visiting, while all of the kids were outside running wild. Dale and his friends would crap in an old pocket book tie a string on it and get down in the grass beside the road, of course cars stopped to retrieve the purse, reach down to pick it up and the string would slowly be pulled, they would get up and run. The purse was then opened, what a mess. The boys were long gone. My younger brothers did the same as they got older, but out in our farm roads.

A TV program called Canyon Kid was very popular it was on KTIV for many years. All kids wanted to be guest, they had a pet day and that happened to be the day Pat got reservations for. Connie, Mike, David & Tim went. Connie took her dog called Spike, a nice Cocker. My brothers didn't have anything tame enough. David had a sick pigeon looked like it was ready to die, minus a lot of feathers sight to be seen. He asked Mom if he could take it, she said absolutely not!!!! Well you can imagine what happened. All the kids were so proud of their pets, many nice things were said about them. Connie and Spike were pleased. All the pets were shown so Canyon Kid thought. David spoke up and said I have something to show, he took the pigeon out from under his jacket. Needless to say Canyon was shocked, but preceded to ask David about the pet. Canyon said I'm proud that you like your pet so much. David said thank you and put it back inside his jacket. Mom & Dad and the rest of us were watching this on TV. Mom was so mad but we all got to laughing we just rolled. I don't remember if David got into trouble. He came in the house with a mischievous look on his face and a smile. Mom did yell and said get that sick pigeon out side, right now.

to be continued...


  1. Wow your Mum was lucky with the windmill that she did not do a lot of damage. Another set of great memories. Take care Diane

    1. I wonder if that is the reason my mother-in-law had false teeth.

  2. Good this all is written down; way too much to remember.

    1. A lot of it I did not know. My mother-in-law and I both had a strong feeling about family and family history. We had so many conversations about it. Even so I did not know everything about my husband's family.

  3. shirley sounds like a wonderful person with serene sublime soul!

    1. Shirley was "Super-Aunt" to all the children. She loved taking them for rides to show them the sights. She always had something nice to say about people.