Friday, February 9, 2024


When we were little there was not a lot of money for indoor activities. We all learned word games, Twenty questions, paper games, and card games. We usually got board games for Christmas. They were often worn out by the following Christmas.

My parents also enjoyed these games. In fact they had a weekly pinochle game with another couple. 

They would play cards and have snacks. We loved the snacks. Most of the time when it began to get late we would just go to sleep on the floor. We loved it.

My parents both believed in competition. Because of them I do too.

I like to win. If I do not win I know I have done the best I could and am happy for the winner.

One night while my parents were playing pinochle there was an unusual situation. My father was dealt a perfect hand.

A perfect hand means that if he gets the bid he can take all the tricks. I have never had a perfect hand.

There was a problem though. The other man also had a perfect hand. Wow!

Each of them wanted to get the bid so they could take all the tricks. The bidding was epic. Neither man wanted to give in.

Eventually the bidding was a lot higher than the points they could make. They kept bidding not wanting to let that perfect hand go to waste.

The two women began to chuckle. Soon they were laughing out loud. It was a funny situation. 

I do not remember how it ended. 

My best guess is that the evening ended and all had a good laugh over the whole thing.


  1. I miss pinochle! Taking all the tricks is a fine thing.

  2. Now that sounds like my type of ending 🤗
    Unlike you dear Emma I am really bore person and never want to win the game but want them (family) to win from me :)))
    I wonder if I can play seriously against others

    1. You are certainly not boring. Excitement comes in many forms. For instance your poetry evokes feelings from other people. What can be more exciting than that?

    2. You are too kind indeed dear Emma 😊
      Actually board games were frequently played at our house some years ago when kids were at was nice option during power absence hours because we had no solar system then.
      I would play bad moves intently and my kids get offended and say that was deliberate move.i would try but would fail to try to win .
      I now know this wasn't wise even being mom but I wasn't aware of this then

  3. I have never played this card game, but it wounds like your parents and their friends took it fairly seriously, Emma.

    1. The weekly game was pinochle. But we also played Canasta, pitch (which I hear others call whist), spade, hearts, Uno, concentration, and many others. I have about 20 solitaire games that I play often..