Thursday, September 28, 2023

End Of The Season

There are only three days left. I am speaking about Major League Baseball. Most of you know that the Detroit Tigers are my team.

We have not done well this year. However it looks as though we will be in second place in our division when it ends.

We have a young team now. And it looks like we have some really good players nnow. Going into next season my hopes are high. Barring any major injuries we will have a winning team.

The sad part of the year is that Miguel Cabrera is retiring. If you have not seen Miggy (as we fondly call him) play you really missed something special.

Miggy became a baseball player because his mother was a softball star in their home country of Venezuela. Baseball scouts began to notice him when he was still a child because he was such a good player.

He was chosen by the Florida Marlins. He was still a rookie when he hit his first home run which won the game.

The Tigers pulled off a fantastic trade to obtain Miggy. All Tigers fans were happy but we had no idea that were looking at one of the best players ever.

Any time Miggy comes up to bat I smile. He always has a big grin on his face. He knows he is a man playing a kids' game and he enjoys himself.

Over the years he has racked up a lot of impressive statistics. He has hit 511 home runs, 3168 hits, 624 doubles, 17 triples, and 510 runs batted in. He has been MVP twice and the batting Triple Crown winner. To win the triple crown a batter has the most home runs, highest batting average, and most runs batted in for the season. 

Now Miggy is 40 years old. His knees and back hurt. He has decided it is time to stop playing. He will certainly be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as soon as he is eligible. Hopefully the Tigers will find a place for him in their organization.

I will miss him.


  1. There are good sports men and athletes, in all sports. The age of forty is the usual age for retirement in the Sports of competition. Sure he will obtain a place in the organizaciĆ³n doing a new good activities.

    1. He has been hired as a special assistant to the general manager. He is going to be the person batters can talk to for problems and performance advice.

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    1. Thank you. And I visited your blog. It is quite thought-provoking/

  3. you seem really found of him dear Emma and he sounds great player just like his mom :)
    sigh age hurts everyone equally even though players can delay it's affect with groomed muscles and bones :)

    1. Every fan of the Detroit Tigers is fond of Miggy. To see someone who enjoys his job so much is inspiring.