Friday, February 15, 2019


My husband brought a dog home. Does that sound like a re-run? It is a different dog. Not Redneck.

My husband was working. He and the man working with him heard something in the street. When they went to look they saw a dog who had obviously been hit by a car.

They went to comfort the dog who was injured and scared. It would not let them get close. It growled and snapped and tried to bite. My husband got an old blanket out of his car and threw it over the dog so he could pick it up.

He took the dog to the vet. X-rays showed that her (yes it was a she) leg was broken in three places. Her hip on that side was shattered and looked like a jigsaw puzzle.

The vet set her leg and put a cast on it. There was nothing he could do for her hip. He told my husband to keep her as still as possible for the time it would take for her to heal. So he brought her home.

 The vet also noticed that she had numbers tattooed in her mouth. He would check to see if he could find her owner. He never did.

Of course my kids were happy to have her. She was not as happy to have them. They named her Sheba.

Sheba was a Doberman Pinscher. A very pretty dog.

My oldest son was especially thrilled to have her. He wanted to make her his dog.

For the first couple of days Sheba slept a lot. As she began to feel better she began to move around a bit. She got pretty good at maneuvering with the cast on her leg.

She still was not overly fond of the children except for my oldest son. She also liked my husband. She was not fond of me but she stayed out of my way.

One day we decided to go to the store. Sheba had come into heat. Redneck was a randy little male so we had to find a way to separate them for a couple of hours.

We locked Redneck on the back porch. Sheba had the house because she was still healing.
They were successfully separated so there would be no danger of puppies.

 When we returned home and opened the door running to greet us with big smiles ( I swear they were smiling) were both Redneck and Sheba. How did they unlock that door and open it? I have no idea.

Even though we were worried about Sheba carrying and delivering her puppies with her injuries she seemed to be just fine. In the allotted time she had 5 or 6 cute little babies.

Some looked like Redneck. Some looked like Sheba except where a Doberman is tan they were a pretty reddish color.

After Sheba had her puppies she became even more emotional than she was before. She only wanted my husband and older son near the pups. She did not even want the other three of my children to sit on their father's lap.

She would growl to show her displeasure. I told my husband I would not have a dog that was a danger to my children.

After the puppies were beginning to wean Sheba was even worse. Then came the day she snapped at my daughter as she was climbing onto her father's lap. I gave the order that Sheba needed to go.

My son was unhappy. I told him he could keep a male puppy.

My husband found a new home for Sheba and the rest of her puppies.

Sheba was a beautiful dog. She was simply too temperamental for a household full of children. She was quite happy in her new home.


  1. I am glad that the story turned out well for all concerned.

  2. We rescued a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross (Zola) when we lived in Africa. We knew her story and that she had been very badly treated. She had a very odd temperament, and although she was OK with both myself and my husband, I never trusted her with anyone else. My in-laws came to stay and after a week she seemed to be OK with them. We were away one evening and MIL said she would feed Zola. I told her to shut Zola in the garden before putting her food down by the back door which was fenced off. Did she listen, no, she just put the food down under her nose - result a trip to hospital. We finally gave her to a security firm that we knew handled their dogs well. Happy Weekend Diane

    1. We have had dogs that were mistreated before we got them. They do not completely recover from that.

  3. You did the right thing! My husband and I once rescued a dog that immediately posed a danger to my children, especially the baby, not a year old. He refused to share the floor with her. My husband was not happy, but too bad. I delivered it to the pound.

  4. Sheba seemed to never fully recover emotionally from her injuries. You were right in insisting that she be re-homed and it seems to have worked out better for everyone.

    1. The poor thing did not like children. I could not wait for something bad to happen.

  5. I used to live in village where almost each house had Dog and this is why i am familiar with their feelings specially when they have babies

    this rough behavior of them is common and natural dear Emma!

    and you are being mom were concerned about your own children which also so natural
    you did whet you thought was right to protect your babies

    glad she is hapy with other family