Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Experience With A Vampire

I know I have mentioned that I am afraid of vampires. They are the one thing I am sure does not exist (I have to be sure) but they terrify me.

I also have to admit I am fascinated by vampires. When I was younger I watched the movies. I read Dracula by Bram Stoker. I recommend this book. I also highly recommend the Wamphyri series by Brian Lumley. Actually it is the Necroscope series if you want to go to the library and look for them. But I digress.

I no longer watch vampire movies. For one thing I am afraid. For another most "scary" movies today are more aptly just "icky" movies. They show blood and gore just for the sake of making a mess. I am not a fan of all that. I can enjoy a movie that frightens me but I do not want to be made sick.

Back in the 1970's there was a movie that was made for television about vampires. It was named Dracula and starred Jack Palance. After the children were in bed my husband and I decided to watch it.

I had a nice rocking chair that I sat in. It is where I sat when I was feeding the babies or just to relax them before bed. While I rocked them I always wore a knitted brown shawl. It seemed so cozy to drape around the baby and me. It created a cocoon that separated us from everything else.

But the kids were in bed. I sat with my shawl around my shoulders in my comfy rocker and watched this vampire movie. I was never a big fan of Jack Palance. This movie was okay but I felt no big feeling about it one way or the other. But it was about a vampire. It did spook me a little.

Before going to bed myself I suddenly realized I had no milk for the children in the morning. We lived next door to my parents at that time. One of the things that I hated the most about living in the city was that the houses are so close together. For instance the house on the other side of us was so close that there was barely room for a little walkway between the two houses.

But in this case I was lucky to have my parents so close. I decided to run next door to see if Mom had a little extra milk until I could get to the store the next day.

As I was going out I turned to my husband and joked, "If I'm not back right away, it will mean a vampire got me." Then I hurried next door in the dark of night.

Was I afraid? I was a little. I knew there are no vampires but ... well you know how it is.

I was lucky. Mom had an extra gallon of milk. She told me to take the whole thing so I did! I wished them good night and went back home.

Now I have to tell you that I knew my idiot husband was going to do something to try to scare me when I got home. I knew it. And I was prepared.

What I was not prepared for was the figure that came flapping at me from the dark between the two houses. It was the size of a man but it had what appeared to be wings of some sort that were flapping crazily. I screamed as loud as it is possible to scream.

Then the figure came out from between the houses into the relative light of the night. It was my husband! He had my shawl over his head and arms and was still flapping like a vampire. He was laughing.

He went into the house with me hot on his trail. I threw the gallon of milk at him. He knew how scared I would be. Well maybe not because he told me that if he had known that I would throw the milk at him he would not have done it. Yeah, right!

Once I stopped shaking I thought I should call my parents to let them know I was okay. I peeked out the window and their house was dark. They were already in bed.

The next day I was talking to my mother and told her what had happened. She said, "We heard you scream. I looked out the window and didn't see anything so I figured you were okay and we went to bed."

What!?!? I think that perhaps, just perhaps, I was under-protected in my experience with the vampire.


  1. Oh Emma, I hope it was ok, but your story made me laugh. I love that you confess you're afraid of vampires. Your Mum had a lot of faith in your ability to take care of yourself however!
    I wonder if you would enjoy a funny New Zealand movie about Vampires. It is called 'What We Do in the Shadows'. If you watch it, I would imagine you'd get all the jokes because you are so familiar with all the stories.

    1. I am glad you laughed. This is one of hundreds of funny things that have happened in my life. Even if I was scared half to death.

  2. Think I would have killed my husband if he did that to me!!!! I have never thought about vampires but a scare like that would have finished me off! Take care, Diane

    1. If I had been able to think I probably would have killed him.

  3. You're right. There is a difference between a good horror movie and a movie that is just plain horrible, with only disgusting blood and guts scenes.

    1. The fear is in the imagination not the bloody remains.

  4. Emma, when I was 7 years old and our 1st family tv was only a year old, I got out of bed for a glass of water and saw my parents watching "Dracula". I stood silently, outside their notice watching Bela Lugosi move on the screen --no gore back then, only atmosphere. He crept up on a sleeping victim (probably Lucy Westenra), threw his cape aloft and over, and I fainted with a thud. My parents immediately attended to me and, when I came to, told me it was just a movie. I have seen the film since, and read Stoker's wonderful book, but still can't watch horror movies that contain gore which that old film tastefully withheld. It's atmosphere that creates a good horror film, not blood and guts.

    1. How right you are. The blood and gore would have detracted from the fear generated in a good horror film.

    2. I neither like vampire nor horror films.
      Of course I laughed at something like Roman Polanski's film, "Dance of the Vampires" (that is the German title, translated). I always thought: Vampire-biting must be a good thing: you will never die!
      And: I love the little bats that in Berlin flutter in front of my balcony in the descending dark.

    3. I think what I dislike most about vampires is that they control your mind and body. I like being in control. Bats are interesting little animals but we have to beware of rabies.

  5. hahaha

    i think this was his deep love for you to follow you with shawl and then thought to check your nerves lol