Friday, July 21, 2017

It's Too Darn Hot

The heat is getting to me. Even though I am inside most of the time with the air conditioning I feel wilted. I think it is a good time for me to take some time away from blogging. I will repost some of my older posts. I hope you enjoy them.


Great-grandpa, father of my grandfather, owned several farms and almost all of town. He wanted to have a farm to leave each of his sons. It turned out that he also left each of them a business in town.

You might think he was wealthy. Not so. My great-grandfather got his holdings in an unscrupulous way. He traded whiskey to the Native Americans for their land. It was not ethical but at that time it was legal.

My grandfather inherited a farm and I believe the assay office. He eventually sold the assay office because it was not his area of expertise. He lived on the farm and raised his family there until he decided the grass was greener in Oklahoma.

The only great-uncle that I knew still had his farm and house when I was a child. I would not know how to find the farm now but if the house is still there I'm sure that it now has indoor plumbing and electricity.

His house in town is still there and looks exactly the same as it did then. I saw it a couple of years ago.

Another great-uncle is listed on a monument in front of the City Hall. He died of illness during World War I and was listed with the war dead.

Great-grandpa did not feel the need to supply the same inheritance to his daughters. I guess he felt that when they married their husbands would provide for their needs.

None of the land or businesses are owned by family any more. I can only imagine what all that land would be worth today. I could be independently wealthy, for goodness sake.


  1. It's HOT here too Emma and hope you are keeping cool and relaxing indoors. Blog breaks are always good to do. We are on the road this weekend and next to check on the VA house (again) with no Internet access there, which isn't a bad thing as I have a couple of books to read. But I did some advance posts before leaving :-)
    Your great-grandpa was quite a wheeler-dealer in his time!

    1. You stay cool too. Hopefully you will have some food news while you are there.

  2. Heat can drive us weak and crazy.

    1. Now I know what is wrong with me! I do not enjoy hot weather.

  3. I'm always a little thrilled to hear about your Western heritage.

  4. Heat can drive us weak and crazy.

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