Friday, July 28, 2017

It's Just Like Riding A Bike

My mother was a remarkable woman. When she decided she really wanted to do something she learned how to do it. She just put her mind to it and did it.

Mom grew up on a farm. When they went somewhere of any distance they rode horses. She rode a horse to school.

When Mom was about 50 she decided she wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. She did not have the opportunity when she was a child. When her children had bicycles she was busy raising us and did not learn. So she never learned to ride a bike. Now she wanted to.

She went out and bought a bicycle. It was a bike made for a female which I felt was a small mistake. For some reason boys' bikes seem to balance better. But that was what she wanted.

Every day Mom went out for a period of time and attempted to learn to ride. Sometimes she had family there and sometimes not. But she kept at it.

Mom finally got to where she could ride a bit. She was wobbly but she was riding.

My sister had just bought a brand new car... not used but brand new. It was her first new car. She drove it over to show my parents because she was very proud.

Mom was practicing her bike riding but stopped to ooh and aah over the car. My sister went into the house to get a drink before Daddy came home from work so she could show him. Mom kept practicing.

Soon Mom came into the house. My sister was sitting in there where it was cool. Mom looked a little pale. Maybe this bicycle stuff was too much for her.

Mom had to tell my sister that she had been riding her bike in the street. She was doing so much better but was still not in complete control of the bicycle. Mom had a "little" accident.

My sister was concerned that Mom was hurt. No she was not.

She had been riding up and down the street. She was feeling pretty good. Then when she was almost finished she was in front of the house. She lost control and started to fall.

My sister's brand spanking new car broke the fall. The handlebars of the bike went right through the windshield of my sister's brand spanking new car.

Now when I heard about this the loving big sister in me took over. I laughed so hard that I almost could not breathe. I could not laugh at Mom... it just is not done.

Mom did learn how to ride and was a good rider after much practice. To my knowledge she never "took out" another car.


  1. Such determination! Your Mom was an excellent role model!

  2. I love your mom. I wonder is she was my mom.

    1. You have the strength of determination she had. No wonder I admire you.

  3. What a wonderful determination, and a heartwarming story indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You mother has Alice in her heart.

  5. As far as you KNOW your Mom didn't take out another car! HA!
    What a great story! In another decade, someone would have said of her, "What a dame", and not in a condescending kind of way but with true admiration.

  6. I am almost 47 and had huge crush on bike riding .
    we live in a conservative area and i can't go out to learn .our yard is not big enough to practice but i tried and found space very short for this .

    your mom was daring lady and lucky too to have suitable environment and willpower to achieve her dream.

    i know one day i will be able to do this too .How ? can't say right now but i know my God will help me to fulfill my this small wish for sure

  7. I know you will. You have an inner strength that allows you to accomplish what you try.