Friday, May 29, 2015

What To Drink?

I grew up drinking milk. It was plentiful because of the farms we lived on and Grandpa had. And it was good for me. I still like milk.

When my husband and I married neither of us drank coffee. We still drank milk.

My mother made Kool-Aid too. I never did like it... too sweet. We could not afford soda pop which we called just pop.

When we got our allowance we would head straight for the store. It would be Saturday which was the day of the free show where they showed free movies to occupy the children while their parents did the weekly shopping.

At the store I would buy a candy bar for a nickel and a pop for 11 cents. (When I returned the empty bottle to the store I would get 1 cent back because of the deposit.) We had to save a nickel for the collection plate at church. The pop was a real treat.

As I got older I had pop a little more often. First my friends and I all drank RC Cola. We put peanuts in it and felt ever so urbane. I drank RC until moving to another town.

Coca Cola  was what we drank there. I drank Coke until after I was married. I decided one day I was addicted to Coke so I quit drinking it.

I drank Pepsi instead! I drank at least an eight pack of Pepsi every week. I drank Pepsi until I decided to stop drinking pop altogether.

If I was out partying there were several drinks I liked. My favorite was Long Island iced tea. It is made using all the clear liquors with enough cola to make it the color of iced tea. It is a sipping drink that can last all night.

In the summer there is nothing as refreshing as an ice cold beer on a hot day. I am not much of a beer drinker but it is a good summer beverage.

However these days I drink water or tea.

Hot tea is good for breakfast or on a chilly day. When I was a child we put sugar in tea. My mother always said that if I ever learned to drink tea without sugar I would not drink it any other way.

A friend from Scotland introduced me to tea with milk in it to help me stop using sugar. Of course her tea was so much better than what I make but it worked. I now drink tea with nothing added.

Iced tea is cool and refreshing. It is good on hot days but I drink it all year.

Most of the time I drink water. It is refreshing too.

Where I live the water from the faucet tastes terrible. And my son was giving it to the dog but it made her sick. So we drink bottled water.

I spend more than I should to buy the individual bottles but they are so handy. We buy big jugs for the dog and other uses.

So these days I drink no pop at all. I cannot remember the last time I had an alcoholic drink of any kind. I do not like coffee. I drink milk occasionally. I drink iced tea and water now.


  1. Interesting, our life cycles of drinks. Never liked milk or soda or liquor or tea. I always was a beer on a hot day gal, but cannot mix it with the drugs these days. So, it's water and black coffee for me.

    1. I love the smell of fresh coffee. All I taste when I drink it though is bitter and oily. My father drank at least 20 cups of coffee a day (conservative estimate). My mother could take it or leave it. One sister and one brother drink a lot of coffee. Two brothers drank it occasionally. One brother, one sister, and I never touch the stuff.

  2. Only 1 cup of coffee in the morning for me and sometimes it doesn't quite agree with me. I do like a glass of cold milk and have switched from the low fat types to the "real thing" in recent weeks as it tastes better too. I agree with a cold beer on a hot day, but one is my max. Never been a soda drinker, but sometimes a Coke and mostly ginger ale. And we drink lots of water.

    1. A couple of years ago my children took their families and me to a local nature park. The children could watch the cows being milked and then the milk was available to drink. My daughter-in-law was repulsed by the very thought of warm milk. I drank hers.

    2. Love this post!
      My mother might have been the only woman from the South who never made her family iced tea, it was only Kool Aid from her! When I had iced tea in other homes, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
      Being married to my husband since 1983, I love hot tea...English breakfast tea, with milk and 1/2 teaspoon of's just right for me!
      AND Coca-Cola, since it was invented in Atlanta, we always called all sodas "Coke" and when I first heard people say "soda" and "pop", I didn't know what the heck they were talking about! (We never had it much as a kid, only as a treat.)
      I drink cofffee only in the morning, but I must admit my hot tea in the afternoon is what really revives me.
      I love milk with my homemade peanut butter cookies!

    3. I often wonder how a person can eat cookies without milk. And I love the way people from some areas of the south refer to Coke as Cocola.

  3. I drink a large mug of hot tea with a little milk and sugar each morning. Using 2 teabags makes it strong, the way I like it.
    I love ice tea. Once in a while I have ice coffee. Hot coffee somehow bothers my stomach.

    1. I also prefer a good robust tea. Black tea, Earl Grey, and English breakfast tea are my favorites. Sometimes I have an herbal tea to try to keep myself healthy.

  4. How can you live without coffee????????
    My life would be a sad thing to behold without coffee.

    1. It smells so good when it is brewing. That is one of my favorite smells. But I just cannot stand the taste of it. I guess I just adapted.