Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Second Grandson

My second grandson is my daughter's oldest child. You have already read about his rabbit funeral and his adventure with my nephew and the go-cart. From that you might think he is a "quirky" child. You would be absolutely right.

I was fortunate to be with my daughter and the baby's father when he was born. It was an extremely difficult delivery. My daughter had to stop working early because her blood pressure was too high. She felt fine but the doctor said it was just too dangerous for her and the baby.

They decided to induce labor because her blood pressure had risen anyway. During the last stages of labor she was having a difficult time and the baby was in distress. But as I could see him being born I could see what a pretty baby he was. He looked just like his grandfather.

When I called my mother-in-law to let her know the baby was here I said, "He's a real pretty baby. He looks just like John." She said, "Well now you know Emma that Johnny always was my prettiest baby."

He was a tiny baby and they did not let him go home for a few days. He needed to weigh at least five pounds. They would not allow my daughter to stay with him and she suffered so. She wondered if she had done something wrong. She was at the hospital each day for as long as they would let her stay. After a few days he came home.

I stayed with them to help with the baby. I was able to sing to him and tell him stories. He seemed to be an appreciative audience. The first song was of course The Unicorn and the first story I told him was Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Even before he could get up onto his hands and knees to crawl, my grandson could propel himself around the apartment with amazing speed. When we put him on a blanket on the floor he wiggled like a little worm and went wherever he wanted to go.

One day I was talking to my daughter on the phone. We were having a thunderstorm and she was looking out the window to watch. All of a sudden a huge crash of thunder sounded. She was laughing because my grandson started to cry. He did not like storms at all. I asked her if she was sure he was ours. We all love a good storm.

My grandson was fascinated by ceiling fans. It was one way to keep him in place at home. If he lay on his back he would watch the fan and become mesmerized. Any place we went he would spot the ceiling fan if there was one then stare seemingly hypnotized the whole time it was in sight.

That was a blessing in the store because he was also a screamer. He seemed to think that rather than be placed comfortably for all in the cart he should be carried. If we insisted that he stay in the cart he would scream. We never gave in to him but he did not care. He could screech as long as we left him in the cart.

Once my son, my daughter with my grandson, and I were shopping in a department store. My grandson was screaming. Suddenly I could take it no more. I took off. I hid among the racks of clothing. I could hear my son and daughter looking for me. When they would get too close I would move. Finally when I composed myself I reappeared and we continued shopping.

He was so very thin. He looked like a child from a third world country but he was perfectly healthy. I used to tease him that if he turned sideways he would disappear.

You should see the way my grandson sleeps. He lies on his back. He then folds his arms on his chest the way a vampire is shown at rest. That is the way he sleeps. Like a dead man.

My grandson could sing the theme song to every television program he watched. He could also do quite good impressions of a lot of the characters. For a while Popeye was his favorite.

We were sitting in a little diner when he suddenly stood up on his seat and sang the theme song for Popeye. Everybody turned to look. When he finished he took a bow and sat down. He was done.

He had funny eating habits too. He sort of naturally ate a low carb diet. He loves vegetables. He liked pancakes but nothing on them. No syrup, no butter, no jam, no sugar, nothing. And he ate them strangely. He would pick up a pancake and peel it open Then he ate the inside of the pancake and left the brown outside.

He also liked grilled cheese sandwiches. He would pull the two slices of bread apart and peel the melted cheese from inside and eat it.

When he and his sister were small they would come to my house while their mother worked. I believe in outside activities so we would go to the back yard. One day the phone rang. I told them I would be right back. They practically beat me into the house. They were afraid the wind was going to blow them away.

On hot summer days I would turn on the sprinkler for them to run through. My older two grandchildren's cousin lived a couple of doors away. She is about the same age as my second granddaughter so she was usually at my house while they were there.

My grandson had to go to the bathroom. I could not leave the girls outside alone because they were too small. My grandson needed to have me with him when he did what he needed to do. I told him to go in the bushes. He balked at first but finally went in the bushes. Then he proudly came out and urged the girls to come see the puddle he had made. After that he could not wait to play outside so he could water my bushes.

My grandson was not thrilled to have a sister. When she was first born he was very proud and very protective but that wore off quickly. When he was old enough he would request "only child" days.  His little sister would come to my house so he could have his parents all to himself.

One of my grandson's testicles did not descend. The doctor advised waiting because that is rather a normal thing and often it will move into place when it is good and ready. But his did not. He needed surgery which was completely successful.

My daughter and her family went to visit my mother-in-law. Everyone was sitting in the living room talking. My daughter urged my grandson to go tell Grandma about his operation. He walked over in front of Grandma, dropped his pants, and held up parts so she could see his scar.

My second grandson was just like my first grandson in one way. They both would come in the door at my house and begin to shed clothes. He would strip down to his underwear and socks. Then he would head for the computer and that would be the last peep out of him.

My grandson played soccer for a little while. After a couple of years he said he did not want to play any more. But he loves basketball.

He played basketball for several years before he realized that he was never going to be tall enough to make most teams. But I loved to watch him. He was defense. He could confound the player for the other team better than anyone I have ever seen. I once saw him slap the floor with both hands and come back up with a roar. The player opposite him just stopped and stared at him in shock. He actually was awarded a trophy for defensive player of the year.

My grandson is also unusual in the reading material he chooses. He reads things like The Iliad, political treatises, and the Bible. For enjoyment.

One year he decided for Halloween he would be Moses. He encouraged his friends to dress in similar characters. Most people thought he was dressed as Jesus. That upset him. "Can't they see that I'm Moses?!?"

My grandson graduates this year and will be off to college. He has a job. He used to have a car but after a couple of accidents (just like his older cousin) his parents only allow him to drive under specific conditions.

See what I mean about "quirky"?


  1. Quirky is a good term to describe your grandson, Emma, but as long as ne isn't doing any harm to anyone, that so what. I will admit the eating latterns did seem odd and k was curious as to whether they were from childhood or still continue. And, yes his choices of deading material is different than others of his age, but better than some other choices. Does he have his career after college decided upon?

    1. He prefers seafood, specifically shrimp scampi or Alfredo. He no longer peels his food. As far as a career I believe he still plans on studying law with the intent on running for public office. Eventually he would like to be president. He is very political although I do not always agree with his observations. We have some spirited debates.