Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It is just after Father's Day. I want to write to you to tell you how much it has meant to have you for a father but I am having a hard time trying to find words.

You always made me feel like I was the most special person in the world. I was the little girl you wanted. You were always there for me.

I remember when my class took a roller skating outing. You went along as a chaperone. I did not know how to skate and was afraid of falling. I was also afraid that everyone would laugh at me. So there I stood against the wall looking as sorrowful as could be. You went to a couple of my friends and talked them into taking me for a couple of turns around the rink. You never admitted that you did that but I know you did.

You chaperoned a lot of things for all of us kids. Mom was always busy with a baby and housework so you made the time to do the un-fun things.

I still talk about the Sunday drives in the country that we used to take. You would drive slowly and point out things of interest like a squirrel or a sumac plant. Those drives are probably my favorite childhood memory.

After I was grown and had my own children you loved them so much. It made me feel overwhelmingly happy to watch you with them. You treated them just like you treated us only with that extra little bit of love only Grandpa can give.

Sometimes being a grown-up became tiring for me. That was when I would go to you. I could feel you emotionally let me sit on your lap and be your little girl for a few minutes. I always felt better and could go back to being an adult without the weights on my shoulders that I had before. It was such a luxury.

Every one of your children and grandchildren adored you. You were the rock that our family stood on. My youngest son once commented that that was the reason every single house of a member of our family has your picture prominently displayed so anyone visiting could see it.

I had a friend who asked me what I would say to you if I had another chance. I told him that there was nothing. He was shocked. He had a great many things left unsaid to his father. I gently explained that you knew how much I love you and I knew hown much you loved me. Nothing else needs to be said.

Before your funeral the minister asked if there was anything specific we wanted him to say. I told him that I wanted everyone to understand how much you loved us and how much we loved you. He was so moved that he cried during the service.

We also knew how respected you were by others. How proud we all were.

I miss you every day in little ways and big.

Love, Emma


  1. A beautiful and heartfelt tribute that endures despite the passage of time. Your father comes through as a very special and much-loved man, Emma. Mine has also passed on and there are many times, I wish that I could have said goodbye, but he died after unexpectedly lapsing into a coma.

    1. My father died suddenly of a heart attack so I was unable to say goodbye to him either. I think it was easier this way. I can remember him as the big healthy robust loving man that he was.