Friday, June 13, 2014

Look At The World With Wonder

Have you ever watched a two-year-old see a butterfly? The look of wonder and happy surprise lights up a little face just before the child takes off to try to catch the butterfly. That look of amazement as the child discovers something new is priceless.

It is a bitter shame that we lose that wonder as we age. Our lives become as ho-hum as our reactions to new experiences.

I have tried not to lose the feeling of wonder completely. Sometimes it takes work so it is not quite the same. Many people think I need to be institutionalized. But I find my enjoyment of new things is enhanced by allowing the wonder of the newness to envelop me.

The nice thing is that it does not have to be limited to something entirely new. A beautiful flower is a good place to start. Take a real look at its shape. Can you see the artistry? Then there is its color. Is it soft and soothing or is it bright and exciting?

The smell can be strong or softly sensual. When you touch it it can be soft, or slightly fuzzy, or sleek and smooth. Is it delicate and in danger of losing its petals when you touch it? Or is it one of those sturdy flowers that fights back if you try to pick it?

Does it grow in bunches all together. Or is it a loner with no other flowers like it close by?

See what I mean. And this is just for a flower. All things have an excitement about them. All we have to do is be open to them.

Try to see one thing each day that makes you feel awed. It becomes easier as you get in the habit of doing it. Then when you see a child with a look of wonder on its face you can enjoy the wonder of that little one's face.


  1. Emma, I concur, and for me the beauty of a sunset is a joy to behold. After severe thunderstorms this evening, the sky cleared and the sun seemed to be setting behind the clouds and I stood and watched.

    1. A sunset and a sunrise are two of the most beautiful sights to see. I am so glad you could enjoy it.