Sunday, June 23, 2024

Just Say No

Most of us have known people involved in the use of illegal drugs. Most of those people do not have any serious permanent damage. Some are not so lucky.

My sister-in-law was obsessed with being thin for her husband. Her doctor prescribed diet pills. He kept prescribing them even though she was obviously addicted. There were days when she had to sit in a dark room because of those pills. I do not know how she finally stopped those pills after years of taking them but she did.

A good friend from the time he was a teenager started using drugs. He and another friend who was also using came up with a plan to get the money for their drugs. They would stand at an exit to the freeway and beg money when drivers stopped at the red light.

They did very well in the money department. Then they decided on a way to get larger amounts of money from the drivers. They would jump in front of their cars and pretend that they were hit. As long as they did not appear to be injured drivers would give more money so they did not have to contact their insurance companies.

One day our friend jumped in front of a loaded truck. The truck could not stop in time. The friend was badly hurt. He died 2 weeks later.

A nephew was in prison. When he got out he went immediately to see friends. That first night they were doing drugs. My nephew overdosed and died. 



  1. Interesting topic Emma!
    We all have someone we know or a relative who has suffered from addiction!
    Yes, I wish everyone could say no!
    Thanks for the topic!
    Have a nice week!!

  2. Yes, illegal drugs are stupid. I have a brother who died to prove it.

    1. I am sorry to learn this. It is painful to the ones who are not using to see what happens to those who are.

  3. Drug addiction is horrible.
    One of nephew made life of his parents miserable for years .he would steal not just from home but from surroundings. People would bring police.
    This was embarrassing because my brother in law had good life with respectful ways.
    I am grateful that kid recovered from the the addiction miraculously after several attempts of rehabilitation

    1. I am happy that your nephew is recovered. I hope he is livimg a good life.

  4. I am sorry that few of your loved ones could not awake on time dear friend.
    Hugs and blessings