Monday, March 25, 2024

Tell Me A Story

Before humans had organized methods of writing there were storytellers. Depending on the culture they had different names. The Irish and Scots had The Seanachaidh. In India there were The Kathakar. The Skald told the tales of Norway and Iceland.

The storytellers of the area around Turkey and Iran were called The Ashik. In Japan there were The Hanashila. Central Europe relied on The Minstrels for their stories. The Griot told stories in Western Africa.

In Hawaii a person would tell the mo Ľolelo. Chants and hulas also convey the history of the islands. Native American tribes relied on the storytellers to keep their traditions.

Every culture had storytellers. They were necessary for members to learn their history. Of course there were often exaggerations. These built the heroes memories and gave birth to myths associated with each culture. The storytellers were honored and treated with reverence.

The Irish say that to know who you are you must first know who you come from. I believe that to be true. We are not all descended from royalty or great warriors but our ancestors were important. Without them we would not exist.

When I was a little girl I would quietly sit and listen to the adults telling stories of my ancestors. It was not only great fun but also I learned who I came from.

There are probably storytellers in your family...usually more than one. Learn from them. They are keeping your history alive.


  1. I have been fascinated by watching my grandchildren, nieces and nephews, gather behind the old folks talking, and then move into the circle. I can remember doing the same myself.

    1. Children are fascinated by hearing family stories. It helps them know their places in the world.

  2. I feel blessed to have piece of childhood that I could spend with maternal grandparents dear Emma.
    Both were amazing storytellers: )))
    Grandpa would tell religious stories of messengers or other pious men grin Islamic history.
    But grandma was opposite. Her stories were full of horror, suspense and adventure.
    I am lucky I had those times
    Thanks for lovely post ❤

    1. Those are the times children remember. And it made you feel close to you grandparents which is so imporrtant.

  3. Homer was one of the storytellers in Ancient Greece, he wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. I was enchanted every time the elders told us stories. I liked your blog and I follow it!