Friday, March 15, 2024


I am a Daddy's girl. When Daddy was in the Navy during World War II he bought kimonos for his wife and little girl. He did not know either of us yet. I am the little girl he wanted and I have always felt special because of that.

Daddy was not perfect but I was a teenager before I knew that. He is close enough for me.

Daddy could build or fix anything. At one time he had a business. He was a plumber

. It seemed to be successful. His wanderlust kicked in and we moved.

He was town marshal in two small towns. In those little towns he was also dog catcher, water commissioner, jailer, and chief of the volunteer firemen. He used to come home with stray dogs. Or maybe he would have a bunny in his shirt pocket. We had great fun with the homeless animals he could not bring himself to destroy.

He was working for a farmer. One day Daddy was standing on the back of the tractor as the farmer backed up to hook up to a plow. Somehow Daddy's foot was struck in between the tractor and the tongue of the plow. His foot was broken.

Have you ever seen someone run over by a house? Daddy was working for the local house mover. People would buy a nice house and have it moved to another piece of land.

One day they were moving a house near to where we lived. Mom took us to the little country dirt road they would be travelling so we could see what he did for a living. They used back roads like that so they would not disrupt traffic. 

Daddy had a long pole with a forked end he used to hold power lines up so the house would pass without catching them. He was holding up power lines in the crossroad. The house was mounted on special little trailers and pulled by one of the big trucks. 

One of the trailers ran right over his foot! Luckily his foot was only pushed down into the deep loose dirt of the road. He was not hurt. 

We built a house for our family. A cement truck deposited cement for the floor of the basement. Daddy smoothed it all out and waited until it set. Then he built the foundation with cement blocks and cement he made himself.

Daddy did most of the work but we all helped. I can remember him telling me I used the hammer like a girl. He showed me the correct way to pound a nail. 

We all loved that house. It is one of two buildings that I feel strongly about. It still stands and I drive by every once in a while to say hello to it.

One summer Daddy took a job in Washington state. He worked on a dairy farm. There was another employee from Germany who spoke no English. He and my father worked well together. The man had a daughter about my age who went to the fields with them because she spoke English and could translate. Daddy arranged for me to go along to keep her company. I wish I had been smart enough to learn German from her.

While we lived there Daddy got real sick. He had the Asian flu. The doctor quarantined him to the boys' room. We were not allowed to see him at all. Poor Mom was the only one who could go in to see to his needs.

Daddy was alone in that room for about a month before we saw him again.

My father was a superman to survive all he did.

He did not have a happy home growing up. My grandfather was a drunk and my grandmother was not a loving person. Without an example of good parenting my father was a great father.

He volunteered to chaperone school functions. He umpired ball games for my brothers and uncles. He was a good man. And he was my Daddy.


  1. Yes I did. When there were the times I was feeling tired of being a grown-up I could emotionally sit on his lap. He made everything good again.

  2. thecontemplativecat here.. Your father was devoted to his family and took care of them in all ways. What a lucky family.

    1. Every home has a prominent picture of him on the living room wall. He was the beloved head of the family.

  3. You are so fortunate you had a daddy like that, I on the other hand was quite unfortunate.

  4. I enjoyed this post quite a bit. My father also had a multitude of skills, but he didn't move his family around, and then there was his temper and his unsettling belief that he was a woman. Still, he loved me like no one else, and I in turn found much about him to love and respect, and I miss him everyday of my life. I suppose it's the same with you in regard to your father.


    1. Even with all the moving I had a very happy childhood. I was also close to Mom. I miss them both. They loved my children and my children loved them. They were wonderful people.

  5. this story was full of love you have for your superman father dear Emma !
    what a lovely read that each line revealed the goodness ,smartness and love of your father for his family !
    i truly agree that it is hard to live proper and well arranged life for people who grew without having kind and caring parents . the harsh realities of life they confront while growing up turn them into rude and heartless person .
    my own father wasn't a perfect man as he grew without his parents ,my grandma was widow and she had run away from her in laws to protect my father who was a baby than ,she remarried a man who wasn't decent but cruel and full of hatter . my father left home during his teen age and moved with my future father in law house or in their neighborhood . but ugly childhood memories never made him feel normal person still he loved and cared his family as much he could along with few weaknesses he had he was very good father .
    Emma i was struck by term moving house because i have not heard about it first .i will google it

    1. I feel so bad that your father had such an unhappy beginning to life. All children should be loved and feel worthy of that love. Some people should have to learn about being parents. If they do not want to put in the work (and it is work) to be parents they can decide not to have children. If you look in Google try searching for house movers.