Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Who Do You Come From?


Northwestern European                                    84.6%

      • French and German                          45.3%
      • North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
        Canton of Bern, Switzerland
        +2 regions
      • Central Denmark Region, Denmark
        Nordland, Norway
        +4 regions
      • Greater London, United Kingdom
        County Limerick, Ireland
        +14 regions
    • Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
      Czech Republic
      +3 regions
Unassigned                                                0.1%

This is the result of my DNA test. I find it informative because there are nationalities that I did not know were a part of my heritage.
Most of my grandparents knew of the German. One of my grandmothers was born in Denmark. 
The Irish have a saying that you are what you come from. It looks like I am really mixed up.      
If you have not had a search done I recommend it. I also must tell you that as they refine their methods you may find some differences. The company will let you know if there are updates.
It has been fun comparing with family members to see the similarities and differences.
Have you done yours? Were there any surprises?                                                                 


  1. wow that is unique thing to see for me dear Emma :)
    world indeed has strikingly advanced enough to unveil our ancestry .
    it must be exciting to learn about your heritage .
    this is amazing how can we learn that our blood is mixture of all bloods almost .
    despite of my lack of knowledge regarding this topic i had a realization that the way has evolved it seems impossible for humankind to confined in one genepool .race keep mixing up throughout the history during big events or after natural stimulations

  2. Our family is a mishmash like most families. Mom's side came from Ireland and England, Dad's side is much the same, except for a Native who appeared in early 1800s.

    1. Intriguing. I am picturing the Native just appearing out of nowhere.

  3. I have not done a DNA test as yet, Emma, but have been thinking about it. As far as I know all of my grandparents were from Italy and I have checked the census records as verification. I'm not sure if the cost of the test would be worth the reveal of what I know. Thanks for sharing your results.

    1. Your grandparents may have all been in Italy but where did their grandparents originate? I do understand your concerns about the value of the test for you.

  4. I intend to do a DNA test someday. I'll have to look into a good provider. May I ask which one you used?

    1. I used 23 and me. It also gives me access to My Heritage. Watch for sales. I have seen it as low as $49.