Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Moving On

Spring is coming. Even though we are scheduled for 3 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow the signs of spring are showing.

You can hear the geese flying overhead as they migrate north. On my way to join my sister-in-law for lunch today I saw hundreds of water birds resting on the Big Sioux River.

Late at night the coyotes are extremely vocal. They have a unique howl. If you were to hear it you would say, "That is a coyote."

Then on my way home I saw turkey vultures circling overhead. It is early in the year for them to be here but here they are. And there seems to be a larger number of them than we had last year.

My son even saw a moth when he let the dog out this evening.

So far the trees are not being fooled. No spring buds yet. That will be the final sign. Until then I will be content to watch the huge flocks of birds flying north.


  1. beautiful post dear Emma
    i liked how birds in your oat of land are getting back for spring either .this is lovely how everything in nature is connected and receive and spreads messages of hope and joy to and from each other .it reminds me olden people of my native town who had skills to identify signs of season or particular natural event by seeing certain patterns in things .
    hope this will be last snow of the season in your area :)

    1. It has been a lot of snow so far today. My experience has been that as soon as people pull out their summer clothes and put away winter things there will be one more big snowfall. So this one is not the last.

  2. My spring so far is exactly like yours.