Friday, January 3, 2020

Susan from thecomtemplativecat had a post today that posed some evocative questions. I will print them and give my answers. You might find it interesting to see what your answers are.

If you could live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose and why?

I do not think I want to relive any years. While I enjoy my memories I prefer to look to the future.

If you could learn to be an expert at something without putting in the work, what would it be?
Walking. My knees give me a terrible time of it.

If you could learn a new language instantly, which would you choose and why?
Gaelic. I have taken a couple of online courses but it is difficult when there is no one else to practice with.

If you could give $1 million to any charity, which would you choose?
With that much money I might form my own charity to help children to eat and dress to feel good about themselves. I would follow through to help them establish themselves
 as adults.

When was your Robert Frost moment a la "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..."? The poem (read it here) says you can't go back and that is true. "Way leads on to way" and so forth. But if you could, would you? What is the difference you think it would have made?
I would take the one most attractive. I like overhanging trees and color. I do not think it would have impacted the world one way or the other but I would have been happy to be there.

Time travel: where would you go and when? Why?
Who would you want on your fictional character bowling team? You get to pick four.
I would have liked to be present in Appomattox Courthouse at the end of the Civil War. Two great generals who had great respect for each other discussing the end of a terrible war had to be a great thing to see.

What would you want for your last meal?
A nice juicy steak, baked potato, and Brussel sprouts. For dessert a devil's food cake with fudge frosting like my mother used to make. Maybe some watermelon cubes to nibble on after.

What's your favorite song?
How on earth can I choose? I love music and there is so much to choose from. It would simply be whatever I am in the mood for. One day it might be Louis Prima and the next The Sex Pistols. The Everly Brothers or Credence Clearwater Revival. Vivaldi or Booker T and the MGs. LaVerne Baker or Taylor Swift. Teddy Bears' Picnic or In A Gadda Da Vida. The Irish Rovers or The Vienna Boys Choir. Or anything else.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I am probably an extrovert. I do not like to be ignored.

If you came over to my home and I offered you a drink, what would you want me to serve you?
Water would be fine. Iced tea (not sweet tea) is also good. When I was younger and drank alcohol occasionally I liked Long Island iced tea too. But a nice cold beer was good too.

You can answer these just for yourself if you like. I think they are good questions.



  1. I think they are good answers. :)

    I am an introvert and don't like to be ignored. It can work both ways.

  2. You are the second blogger to mention this post.
    I’m going to give it some thought.

    1. It takes some serious thought to behonest with yourself about the answers.

  3. dear Emma

    first of all i want to say I MISSED YOU LIKE HELL !!!!

    oh it is relief to know that i can reach you my precious friend!
    this is really interesting read and even more intriguing questions:)

    i think time i will choose when i was little and with my parents
    i would love to visit in time when earth was young and beginners were learning how to survive
    i am dying to know how we humans reached so far ,really

    if i know i have only few moments to live i would prefer to stay hungry ,this is becoming my favorite sate i don't know why :)
    i love so many songs ,right now i can hear the echo of title song of titanic :)
    i am mixture of introvert and extrovert ,but when it is to be out i would love to be ignored and left alone
    i would love to visit you and along with water i would like to have tea made by you
    wishing you all the health ,peace and happiness in new year dear Emma !

    1. A real physical meeting with you would be such a treat. The conversations we could have... it would take a lot of time and be worth it.

    2. I am concerned about your statement about being hungry. If you are not hungry that is fine. If you feel hungry and do not eat something may be wrong. Please take care of yourself.

  4. I would never want to relive any year. The good I enjoyed, the bad, I learned from - most times. I try only to look back at positive moments in my life, bad decisions and bad happenings can’t be changed so why dwell.

    Being an expert at anything is a double edged sword. One always needs to improve.


    Time travel, no way.


    More of an extrovert with a stone in my stomach.

    A cup of tea, if no tea available, wine will do.

    1. Missed a few, but I would want a Cinnabon for my last meal. It has been one of the things that I have been denying myself.

    2. Imagine is one of my favorites. A world with no greed, hunger, want, or animosity. It is a great song.

  5. I enjoyed this post and seeing your replied to the presented questions. I too would like to relive time for my parents because now I realize that I want to know about their lives and their parents. I don't think anyone will ever be an expert in knowing all there is to know about anything specific. "Believe" is the song I would choose, but then I could also think of many others.

    1. A good reply. It reminds me that I wish I had known my paternal grandfather. I have no idea what he even looked like.

  6. Have you seen the short film, " My Name is Yu Ming"?
    It is about a man from China who learns Gaelic and goes to Ireland...and when he speaks in that language, no one understands him! I bet you would like it.

  7. dear Emma
    hope you you are enjoying your days beautifully :)

    i am here to say thank you for kind words and for being concerned about my words for my own death

    i actually used a common saying here which i used to hear lot back in my village

    it saddens me when i hear or read about such loss of innocent lives who have nothing to do with dirty politics that has controlled the world now days !

    you won't believe me i am one who talk about my death so cheerfully often specially since i lost my parents ,talking about death seems way to feel better while thinking of place where is slight possibility to meet them again (who knows truly though)
    as i am growing old death is becoming really interesting for me ,it sounds it is way to get closer to my Creator :) nothing serious at all my dear friend!

    1. Thank you for clearing that for me. I care about what happens to you and your family. I find that as I get older I do think about my death occasionally too. But I also plan on staying here for a long while. I did think your description of sitting on the edge of your grave to be very colorful.

  8. Susan posts some thought provoking posts.
    This one made me stop and think.

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