Sunday, December 29, 2019


2019 was a good year for me. I have a roof over my head and plenty to eat. I have clothing appropriate for each season. I have heat when it is cold and cooling when it is hot outside.

I am healthy. I have a way to get myself where I need or want to be. I have family I love and who love me back.

When I was asked before Christmas what I wanted I realized that I have pretty much what I desire. I have a good life.

I am sure 2020 will be more of the same for me.

For you I wish a prosperous, healthy, and very Happy New Year.


  1. A roof overhead
    A comfy warm bed
    Need more? What for?

    Clothes for the season
    Can't think of a reason
    I need any more

    I hope 2020 gives you all you need and maybe ... just a little bit more. :)

  2. Loved this post! 2019 was an interesting year filled with some unexpected surprises, but like you, I did (and do) have a roof over my head and I have plenty of food in the fridge and pantry. I'm hopeful 2020 will be a good year too :)

    Happy New Year!


  3. Perfect and I feel much the same. I hope 2020 will beequally as good. Diane

  4. I was thinking the same thing Emma. I have a friend that I worked with that is struggling right now.
    She may have to sell her home and move into an apartment.
    I am grateful for what we have.

    1. How terrible for your friend. I hope things work out for her.

  5. Thank you. I expect more of the same, too.

  6. It's good to be for what you have.

  7. Amen to all you said, Emma. I did not ask for anything, although my husband did ask. But, next year I told him that I wanted us to have a Live” cut 🌲tree and to stay at home for the holidays.

    1. Staying at home would be unusual for you. I hope you get your wish.

  8. i loved your gratification dear Emma :)

    i think this is most healthy way of life

    i wish hope and pray that Lord will keep showering his all blessings upon you in new year either !
    stay blessed

  9. Perfect, I feel similar. I hope 2020 is just as good. Diane!!!