Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Week That Was

I hate to complain. I really do. That being said I am going to complain.

It has been such a week. The flooding around here is going down. We have still had a couple of heavy rainfalls but they are few and far between now.

We have traded them for sweltering weather. It has been mostly hot and humid. Unbearably hot and humid. Thank goodness for air conditioners.

My son and I each have window air conditioners in our bedrooms. There is also one in the living room that cools the rest of the house. We stay comfortable thank goodness.

I woke up one day last week. As I usually do I snuggled in my room for a while. I look out the window. I watch the news. Getting up slowly is not a luxury I used to have so I take full advantage of it.

When I got up to have breakfast and watch a little TV I noticed that my son had turned the air conditioner in the living room off. I did not turn it on because it was not unreasonably warm in the house yet. Besides he had the remote control for it and I did not want to get out of my chair while I was eating.

I heard a strange noise every once in a while. Then I realized that the air conditioner was trying to turn on.

I went and got my son. He turned it off. Apparently the fan had burned out. And of course it was going to be extremely hot that day.

We both began to look on our computers for a sale. My son found one. Off we went to buy a new air conditioner.

By the time we returned home I was feeling the effects of the heat and went to my room to cool off for a few minutes.

My son was anxious to install it so he stayed where it was too hot.

As soon as I was able I came into the living room to help him with putting it in the window. It did not take long to cool the house. But by that time my son was feeling the effects of the heat. He was ill for a couple of days.

Then the computer my son has in his room crashed. He built it from scratch more than 10 years ago. I know he likes it better than his laptop. He takes such good care of it.

He messed with it all weekend and finally has it up and running like it should. Now he is busy re-installing programs.

My son awoke today to a message about his credit score. There has been a charge reported as unpaid from when he had some tests done at the beginning of the year.

In the first place he paid what he needed to pay when he was at the hospital. In the second place he was billed for overdue fees a couple of months later.

We called and when the woman went through his records it showed that he did not owe them any money. She assured us it was amended in their records and sent him a receipt showing that he is paid in full. That is a good thing.

Now the charges are back again.

We were not home long enough today to make the necessary calls. Tomorrow will be soon enough.

He feels bad because he had been working hard at building his credit. Up until now he always paid cash for everything so it has taken him some time.

Once he gets things straight with the hospital he can dispute the bad mark. What a mess.

The reason we had no time today was that he had a doctor's appointment. I usually go along for something to do. We also decided to stop at the store and get some ice cream. It is a good treat when the temperature rises.

I told him I would buy supper (fast food) if he would pay for a couple of personal items I bought.

As we sat waiting for our food at the fast food place my truck started to overheat. By the time we parked the engine was steaming and water was overflowing.

We were between 25 and 30 miles from home. What a predicament. It was late and repair shops were closed.

So we bought some anti-freeze and as soon as the truck cooled enough to start we decided to brave the ride home.

It did not want to run untill I pulled into a main road. I kind of punched the gas a bit and it loosened so I could get a little speed.

There are no little towns between here and there so I was able to keep a steady speed which kept the engine cool. We are safely home. Our ice cream did not completely melt but it is soft. So much for that adventure.

Now I have to call the mechanic in the morning to see when he can look at it.

What a week.


  1. Oh dear that does really sound like a bad week. I always say things come in 3's but you seem to be doubling up!!! I hope all comes right very quickly. As for air con I cannot stand it, it makes me ill and after pneumonia 3x I will not go near it, a fan is just fine! Take care and keep cool in every respect. Diane

    1. It is the way things happen sometimes. But I do not have to like it.

  2. My mother had a saying, "It never rains but it pours." Your week sounded like that. In the deep south, central air conditioning is an absolute necessity. I don't know how people used to live here before air conditioning. Florida, with all of its humidity, is even worse. I could take 105 degrees in Texas where it is dry better than 90 in Florida. Here's hoping this week is better than last in your neck of the woods.

    1. It was hot here when I was a child. Air conditioning was not something most people had and I suffered along with everyone else. I am now older and the heat really bothers me.

  3. I, too, dislike all that unnecessary, unplanned and unexpected trouble. I mean, we don't deliberately put sticks in fan blades, so why should they break?!

    1. It always happens in clusters. Usually it happens around Christmas. Maybe this is Christmas in July?

  4. Well, at least the ice cream didn't melt. Sheesh - too much all at once. Hoping for a better week for you and yours.

    1. I figured the ice cream would be soup by the time we got home. I hope that is the end.

  5. You have had a week of unfortunate events, Emma, and I hope that the AC you son went to buy holds up better than the last one, that your truck repair is not too costly, and your son is feeling better and his computer as well. Yikes!

    1. So far the computer is a gem. His computer is doing well and he is feeling better. The truck goes into the shop tomorrow. Remember we live in the backwoods. We have a rental car so we will not be stranded while it is beng fixed.

  6. Among all these, I think the ice cream melting should be of least importance.