Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Early Morning Call

My phone rang early this morning. I had no idea what time it was because I was sound asleep.

Because of my seizures I do not ump up out of bed for anything. Bad consequences have taught me to get up more slowly.

I heard my daughter's voice on the voice mail so as soon as I could muster myself I got up and called her back. When I looked at the clock I saw that it was a couple minutes after 6:00.

My grandson, who is 19, is in the hospital.

They had their Thanksgiving dinner yesterday because it was the first day he would have off work and they wanted to celebrate as a family. But my grandson did not feel well. Instead of eating he stayed on the couch groaning.

He has always had a problem with constipation. He is supposed to take something every day to ease the problem but as with most young people he is not diligent about it.

He did not say anything but he did take a laxative to see if that would help. There were a couple of other things he tried. He still felt worse and worse.

My daughter kept asking him (as all of us who are mothers do) if he needed to see a doctor. He did not know. He ust knew he was in pain.

Finally his parents took him to the emergency room of the hospital. It was a Saturday and the doctor's office was closed.

After asking a lot of questions and a few tests it was determined that his appendix would need to be removed. It had not burst but it needed to come out sooner rather than later.

The hospital called in the necessary team to do the surgery.

Shortly before 6:00 the doctor came out to tell my daughter and son-in-law that the surgery was over and successful. As soon as my grandson was out of recovery they could see him.

He also said that at some point between the time they decided to do surgery and the surgery itself my grandson's appendix had burst. They were certain that there would be no complications because of that but he will be in the hospital until they are sure.

As I was talking to my daughter the nurse came to let them know that my grandson was being moved to his room and they could see him in a few minutes.

I know that he will be sleeping most of the day so I will wait until tomorrow to talk to him. Thank goodness it is a good outcome.


  1. Men! Glad he made it to the hospital and will be fine.

    1. He is fine. Maybe a little sore. And he is home now.

  2. Thanks God, I'm happy your grandson is well.

    1. I am happy too. He is already talking about when he goes back to work.

  3. Oh, poor lad he must have been in terrible pain! Glad he went to see about it and is recovering.
    Those phone calls that come in the night or early morning can be scary.

    1. Especially when the first thing the person calling says is "Don't worry. Everybody is okay." He is home now and gingerly moving around. One of my first thoughts was, "I hope he knows where is bell is." When he was small he had a hernia operation. Before going to the hospital he asked me to buy him a bell so he could call for assistance when he needed something after he got home. When I told him about it while he was still in the hospital this time he said he knows it is there somewhere.