Friday, October 30, 2015

Who Is Asking?

Although it is my daughter's birthday today I write my post as much in advance as I can. This seems like a perfect Halloween story. I think.

I called my daughter to wish her Happy Birthday. She is the baby and she is now 42 years old. That makes me an old woman.

I asked her what was new with everyone at her house. I did not expect what I heard.

My oldest granddaughter got a phone call this morning. When she answered the phone a man said, "Hi," and asked her how she was.

Not knowing for sure who was calling she cautiously told him she was fine. He then began asking questions about other members of the family. Because she did not recognize his voice she would not give any information.

He tried to be persistent. Finally she told him that she had to leave for work and could talk no more. He asked her if she always worked on Saturday and wanted to know where she works. She hung up.

Later in the morning at about 9:00 my son answered a knock at his door. He is my youngest son and the father of my oldest granddaughter. The man at the door wanted to know where someone with the name of my daughter lives.

My son told him he did not know anyone by that name. The man tried to explain that my daughter owned a piece of property that he was interested in purchasing. My son insisted that he did not know her.

The man said that he worked on cars and wanted to have a place to open a repair shop. He had several small children and he just wanted to have a business so he could support them.

The man had an address where my daughter and her family used to live. He had driven by there and the house was empty. He really needed to know where she lived or at least how he could reach her.

My son told him again that he did not know her. Finally the man left.

My granddaughter and my son both called my daughter to tell her what happened. They had a chuckle about it.

All throughout the day the man called and texted my granddaughter. She did not answer him.

Since it was her birthday my daughter took the day off work. They watched old movies on TV all day. She was on her way upstairs when there was a knock at the door.

My daughter was slightly annoyed because she thought maybe my grandson had ordered a pizza as he had been threatening to do all afternoon. After all it was her birthday and they were goiung out to dinner.

My grandson answered the door. There stood a man asking for my daughter. Before my grandson could say anything my daughter said, "There is no one here by that name."

The man was very forceful and bordering on rude insisting that he knew she was there. He asked about all her brothers and me. He knew all the names.

My daughter is tiny but she grew up with three big (and large) brothers who always made sure nobody bothered her. As a result she still thinks she is invincible. She stands right up to anybody and runs her mouth truly believing that she cannot be hurt. So far she has been lucky.

She was at the door ready to toss the guy off her property. She turned slightly to the side. My daughter carries a gun (legally) and it was at her side near her waist.  The man quickly backed up and became so polite. She thinks he must have seen her gun.

My grandchildrens' father had gone to get information on the car the man was driving. He parked in the driveway of the empty house next door. It had no license plate.

So my daughter was telling me all of this as I wished her a happy birthday. I was shocked.

I asked if she had called the police. No. Had any of them called the police? No.

I explained in my most patient mother-voice that they needed to let the police in each city they live in know what happened. Even if the man has good intentions he has way too much access to where people are.

My granddaughter has two toddlers and she is not much bigger than my daughter. Her home may not be safe.

My son has three toddler granddaughters who spend a lot of time at his house. He and his wife live in the country. His home may not be safe. And we know that the man knows where it is.

My daughter has two children at home. They are both almost grown but they are not grown. Her home is not safe either.

I hope they all alerted their police departments. I am sure none of them did. So now I will worry.


  1. The world is full of crazy people. Here in Brazil, people sometimes get phone calls saying a family member was kidnapped. They even say the name of that family member and demand a ransom to let the person free. They say that if the person hangs up the phone, they'll kill the kidnapped one (they do it so that the person cannot contact the family member and find out that the story is false).
    They give an account number and demand that the a deposit must be made.
    It happened once to my sister, she got a call saying that her son - my nephew had been kidnapped, but she was able to call him to find he was perfectly well and safe, at his girlfriend's.

    1. That is a scary story. I am so happy that your sister was spared the pain of her son being really kidnapped. We read about that sort of thing happening a lot where you live.

  2. I think you have every reason to be concerned. I hope the incident is reported to the authorities; they may even know the man and how to stop him.

    1. I get so aggravated sometimes. They are all like their father in that they always think they can take care of things without help. Most of the time they can but sometimes you really need someone with a little more authority.

  3. Whole thing smells of scam, Emma. The mystery man is using info easily gathered online to make himself sound acquainted with the family. It's unlikely that yours is the only one he's bothering. Joanne's suggestion is quite sensible. Police or sheriff's office could already have a case file from other complaints or they could start a new one. They could also advise your family on how to deal with the problem. Best of luck.

  4. Yes, I also hope that the police will be notified. That guy just knows too much about her and he seems too insistent on speaking with her.

    1. You are absolutely right. We are following the story and I will update if there is anything further to know.

  5. What a birthday surprise!
    But that never sounds good.
    The police should be notified.
    Hope everything is fine.

    1. Thank you. I am glad that everyone agrees with me. I tend to go into protect mode where my family is involved. Then they accuse me of being over-protective.

  6. Like the previous folks who commented, Emma, and agreeing with you, as well that the police should definitely be notified in all the areas this man was seen. And, if any information is available from his vehicle, like license plate no. and description that should also be provided to authorities. What a scary series of incidents on your daughter's birthday.

    1. We all seem to agree that the police should be notified. Good suggestions from all of you. Thank you.