Friday, October 16, 2015

Weird Dog.

My son's dog is weird. Every dog we have ever owned has its own quirks but she is just strange.

She is about 4 years maybe 5 years old now. She has a lot of female dog qualities. She is possessive and protective. But she will still frolic and act goofy the same way a male puppy does.

We do not let her run loose but she has a rather ingenious run created by my ex-husband for his dogs. A light chain is fastened to her collar. The other end of the chain is fastened to a cable strung between two large trees. She has the run of the entire yard this way. There is also a tether for the other door in case we let her out that way.

When she wants to out we simply ask her to show us and she will go to the door that she wants to use. Once it is dark outside she prefers the front yard. I think she is afraid of the dark myself.

The dog even sits funny. Most dogs sort of rest on the side of their haunches with the hind legs curled off to one side and the front paws on the floor. This dog sits directly flat on her rear with her hind legs stretched straight out in front of her with front legs to balance. If she were sitting in a chair her hind legs would just hang down because she is sitting like a human.

The dog is extremely sensitive to noises. One night shortly after I moved here I was on my way to bed. The dog and my son were already in my son's room. I turned off the lights in the kitchen on my way to my room.

It was raining that night. Just as I looked out the window on my way to bed there was a huge crack of thunder and I saw lightning strike something just across the river.

Of course I had to stand there to see if it would happen again. (I know)  My son came out of his room laughing. His dog had jumped into the air and hurled herself to him for protection. It was a couple of years before she was once again not terrified of thunder.

Now I understand that all animals have basically the same bodily functions as humans. But I have to tell you that I honestly never heard a dog burp before. And she snores... loud. And she passes gas that has threatened to drive us out of the house. We ended up having to get some pills for her and they really help.

She loves her toys. She has a pile of them in a corner of the living room. She knows they are hers and she goes and root through the pile to find the one she wants. Usually when she is finished with it she will put it back in the pile.

When we go to the grocery store we buy her a little toy. Most of them cost no more than a dollar. When we bring the bags of groceries into the house she starts sniffing to see which one holds her toy. She is so happy to get her new toy.

We try not to get cloth toys too often. She finds the noisemaker inside them and sets about chewing until she makes a hole and gets it out. Then she pulls those cottony puffs out and they are all over. But she likes those toys under her head when she sleeps.

We found a cheap squeaky hamburger and hot dog. I knew she would love them. I was wrong. She wanted nothing to do with them. I think she was rather insulted by them.

This is a really lazy dog. She put on a lot of weight a couple of years ago. She has lost most of it but she was fat.

Getting into the truck had been easy for her. All she would do is hop in. Then came the day that she went to hop in and sort of missed. She hit her chin pretty hard. Ever since she will place her front paws up and wait for my son to lift her up. Lazy.

The dog wants to talk. She will try to copy noises my son makes at her. There are times when we are having a conversation and she will try so hard to join in. She wants to be heard and understood.

When I go to cook the evening meal she will jump up and immediately start asking for "foooooood". Or if I do not feel like cooking she will say it trying to remind me that it is time to cook. Once my son opens a can of dog food for her she is happy.

A couple of years ago we had a lot of katy-dids. They are they locusts that you hear singing on a warm summer night. I kind of like to listen to them at night.

The dog had been outside and wanted in. My son let her in and suddenly we heard a strange buzzing noise. Being the calm rational person that I am I immediately went to check the stove to see if it was going to explode. (I know).

My son and I were looking all over trying to find the source of the buzzing noise. As we zeroed in we realized it was the dog.

She had a katy-did in her mouth and did not want to let it loose. When she finally opened her mouth out popped this huge locust. My son had a devil of a time catching it. I did not try because I was laughing too hard.

The dog is weird.


  1. As for the way she sits, not all dogs could sit like that if they tried.

  2. Don't laugh.
    My poodle is afraid of thunder too.
    He always hide in a corner, maybe hoping thunder won't reach that area.

    1. I do not know about your poodle but my son's dog is very sensitive to noise. She becomes nervous at the spooky music of scary television shows too.

  3. I had to keep myself from laughing so hard, Emma, when reading this post about your son's dog. I was hoping that you would share her name or tell what breed(s) of dog she is.

    1. As with all members of our family I prefer to keep her name private. As to her breed she has some beagle, some great Dane, and something else. They did a DNA test on her when she was rescued as a puppy.