Friday, June 12, 2015

Where To Sleep?

 I can sleep almost any place. I most certainly prefer a nice bed but I have been camping and I can sleep there too.

At the same time I like my bed and my room. I have everything I need in there. My bed is made up the way I like it. I can watch the television shows I want to watch. I have my electronic book reader and my books.

I used to aggravate my daughter-in-law. They had purchased a new set of living room furniture. There was something about the couch. Every time I sat down I was asleep within a matter of minutes. I still think she believed I waited to go visit them to catch a nap. The couch was no more comfortable than any other as far as I could tell. I just fell asleep there.

My daughter and I decided to drive and see my mother and sister. It was about an 8 hour drive. When my daughter-in-law said she would like to go and take my grandchildren who were babies I was happy to have the extra company. She and my daughter could take turns keeping me awake.

After my daughter and I picked them up we drove about 3 minutes to the interstate highway. My grandson and granddaughter were happily cooing to each other in the back seat. Their mother was between them sound asleep. I looked over at my daughter so we could have a quick chuckle. My daughter was sleeping just as soundly! So much for company.

The babies stayed awake most of the trip which we were taking at night to avoid traffic. The girls slept soundly until I woke them up about 50 miles from our destination and told them I needed someone to either drive or keep me awake.

The man I married could sleep wherever he was when he felt tired. A bed, a couch, the ground, the greasy floor at work, the backseat of the car, or the floor at home were just a few of the places he slept.

I have mentioned before that my husband had a habit of drinking too much. Of course drinking also made him sleepy. The bars he liked were too far from where we lived to allow him to make it home. Many nights he did not come home.

A lot of people would ask me if I worried about him not coming home at night. I would laugh and tell them that even if he did not come home I knew where he was.

He would either go to his brother's house or my parent's house. It would be late so he just let himself in and made himself comfortable.

My father did not sleep well if he was not home in his own bed. He slept hard and snored loud. When he awoke he jumped straight up to stand beside the bed. No casually rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed to wake up for him.

My husband had taken a job in another state so of course the children and I moved there too. My parents missed us and wanted to spend Christmas with us so they and my younger brother and sister came to visit.

Daddy got off work on Friday and drove home to pack the car and grab a quick meal. They then drove all night to get to our house.

When they got there I fixed breakfast. Then we opened Christmas gifts. The kids all had a good time showing off what they got to everybody. They were especially happy to have Grandpa there.

Late in the afternoon as I was preparing supper my father turned to my mother and said, "You ready to head for home?"

He was tired finally and wanted to be in his own bed. Mom made him stay for the whole weekend but I could tell he was anxious to be home.

My oldest son also likes his own bed. Other than having the dog in there with him he wants no company. He likes the feeling of having no one able to intrude on his rest.

I guess when it comes to it a person should sleep wherever he/she is most comfortable.


  1. My wife and I watch TV and fall asleep if the show is boring. I have no trouble falling asleep on anything that is soft and comfortable.

  2. My wife and I watch TV and fall asleep if the show is boring. I have no trouble falling asleep on anything that is soft and comfortable.

    1. I am that way too. Some days all I have to do is sit down and stop moving. Soon I find myself waking up.

  3. Dear Emma,
    back from NY and then from Crete, I try to read through all the lovely blogs - thank you for yours! I had no difficulties to sleep soundly in the Big Apple, and Crete was really silent nature - beautiful! But sleeping in one's own bed is good too! Britta x

    1. Well-spoken like the traveler you are. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  4. i am like you, i can sleep almost anywhere too but my bed is the best :)